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sandyrivers June 2nd, 2008 08:20 PM

Kitten Rescue, the final episode, Bittersweet ending...
For those interested in the fate of the 2 kittens born under my neighbors BBQ...

The one (solid grey) that fell down the balcony and that i braught back up to his mama has been adopted by another neighbor. I believe he will be well taken care of, as they seem to be goodhearted people!

The other one, tabby grey with white boots, was left alone under the BBQ from Saturday May 17th, to Monday May 19th.

I sadly have to say that the mama cat hasn't showed up since the 17th, and is believed to be dead...

Since the remaining kitten (Tabby with white boots) was reported to be crying and meowing (by my upstairs neighbor) on early Monday morning. And considering that my bf and myself witnessed him trying to suckle on another feral male cat, such a heartbreaking sight... We could not help it but to immediately act...
I am happy to say that as of May 19th 2008, I became helper to my 4th bundle of love, that we named Elphin...


Here are the latest of Elphin's stats!

Elphin Kitten Estimated DOB April 18/21 2008. Male. Grey tabby with white boots.


Kitten general data

Elphin was orphaned as of Saturday May 17th.
His only other sibling was taken/adopted on Saturday May 17th.
Elphin's mom has not been seen since Saturday May 17th.
Elphin's mom had 3 kittens in summer 2006.
She had 3 kittens in summer 2007.
She only had 2 kittens in summer 2008, Elphin was one of them.
(Elphin's sibling fell off 3rd floor balcony on mother's day weekend and spent 36 hours under the stairs alone with no food or water.
He was rescued by myself, my son, a kid called Donovan, and a few other kids from the alley.
He was braught back upstairs to his mom on Sunday/mothers day.
He followed his mom closely to suckle for the next 24hrs.)
Both kittens were observed by myself for the following week and were doing well.
My son and myself fed the mother cat as much as possible in order for her to have milk for the kittens.
Elphin was observed several times with his mom eating the dry food we braught to them.
Elphin was observed several times being carried by the neck by his mom who would bring him back under the BBQ.
Last time Elphin was spotted in the company of his sibling was Saturday May 17th around 10 am, he was laying in the morning sun, cuddling on his sibling.
Elphin was reported to be crying/calling mom loudly on early Monday morning May 19th by upstairs mailman neighbor.
Elphin was spotted alone under BBQ all day Sunday May 18th, and Monday May 19th.
Elphin was observed by my boyfriend Tomy and myself on Monday May 19th around 3pm; following and trying to suckle a male feral cat on his 3rd floor balcony.
This is when we decided to rescue him and take him in.
We spoke to the man where the BBQ was on the 3rd floor and asked if we could have him.
The man agreed on the spot.
I lifted the BBQ tarp that was smelly of male cat urine and saw Elphin squeeze between two propane bottles.
The conditions under the BBQ were filthy, wet, damp and smelly.
Several pools of water, a lot of rust, overall disgusting habitat.
I grabbed Elphin from behind the propane tanks.
Elphin meowed loudly/helplessly when i got hold of him.
Elphin hung on with his right front paw to the back BBQ leg, i had to 'unhook' him from it.
I made Elphin wave goodbye to the man on the 3rd floor, and we rushed downstairs.
Elphin was protesting by meowing loudly, clawing, and twisting himself in my shirt.
Elphin smelled strongly of urine and male cat spray.
My shirt and myself were impregnated of the smell too.
Elphin's hind feet were stained of the BBQ rust.
Elphin was wet, hungry and scared when we braught him in.
I rushed upstairs, asking my boyfriend to warm up some milk.
We baught Elphin canned Friskies chicken dinner food (from the dep)immediately...(all we could afford at the time).
Elphin ate 156gramms of food; the whole can, in about 6 hours!
Elphin ate and slept for the first 4 hours or so.
Elphin purred loudly the moment we took him in.
Elphin purred every minute he was awake for the first 3 days.
Elphin seemed to purr in happiness and recognition to us.
Elphin seeked our body heat and presence; he slept on us, in our shirts, around our necks, by our armpits; anywhere it was warm and welcoming.
All this time Elphin smelled strongly of urine/stench, we welcomed him regardless of this inconvenience.
Elphin's eyes are still blue.
We estimate his age at take in to be between 4 to 5 weeks old.


((Our scale is kitchen type scale and is about 50 years old.
I established the scale is +- 56 gramms off, (hence 1/8 pound).))

Weight in gramms Weight in pounds

May 19 th 526 g Monday 1.16 pounds ((1 1/28 pounds))
May 20th 681 g (at 2 am) Tuesday. 1 1/2 pounds
May 24th 737 g Saturday. 1.62 pounds
May 25th 793 g Sunday. 1.3/4 pounds
May 31st 936 g Saturday 2. 1/16 pounds
June 2nd 1.02kg Monday 2. 1/4 pounds
Elphin, follow-up observations

*As of May 25th, Elphin is being fed 'Natural Choice dry kitten food'.
Food is soaked in water to soften and then crushed by fork.

*Elphin (5 weeks old kitten) male, eats at will.

*Tonali (11 months old kitten) also eats this same food at will, Tonali is underweight/small framed cat, female

*Before, Elphin was fed canned Friskies chicken dinner.
With Friskies, Elphin had gas/farts and his stools stank alot, we are hoping better quality food will remedy this situation.

*Friskies canned food specs: 11%protein

*Natural Choice kitten food specs: 35%protein
4%linoleic acid

*We hope that better food will achieve the following:

*More nutrients will 'stay in the kitten'.
*Less will come out as 'stinky stools' and 'farts'.
*More vitamins/minerals/good stuff to grow healthy.
*Silky, soft coat/fur.
*Healthy teeth/gums/system in general.
*Proper growth/weight in 1st year of life, good start.
*More energy to play/be active.
*Strong bones and immune system.
*Happier kitten/cat in general.


Sunday May 25th,

Elphin was introduced to our 11 months old kitten Tonali. (Equally rescued from the alley).

Fate had in store that Tonali is 'in heat', and much more receptive.
Tonali and Elphin were introduced around 5pm.
Both kittens were curious and a bit scared/uncertain about eachother.
Tonali was nice to Elphin; didn't claw/spit or bite.
Around 6 pm Tonali and Elphin were playing together in the cardboarb box 'houses' we made them.
Elphin is now officially introduced to Tonali and they seem to be friends!
My son and myself baught Elphin a spring stand toy today.
Both Elphin and Tonali need to get their nails cut.

Friday May 30th

Cookie left for the summer at my mothers, leaving us with only Elphin and Tonali


Saturday May 31st

Elphin got his nails clipped at same place as Tonali. Tonali will go Tuesday, since we were short on time.


Monday June 2nd

Elphin now weigh 1.02 kg and doing fine!
We suspect Elphin to have ear mites, since he has dark matter in his ears... we will further investigate the matter in the comming week and keep you all updated!



aslan June 2nd, 2008 09:00 PM

thank you for requing the poor little guy, and i love the name.

Love4himies June 3rd, 2008 07:50 AM

Thanks for updating us and helping these poor helpless kittens. So sad about the momma :sad: :rip:little sweetie.

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