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poodletalk April 29th, 2008 02:46 PM

Golden Retriever Pup SPCA Monteregie
Mojo is an eight week old Golden that was purchased on impulse in a petstore. Whne they realized how much work a puppy is, they decided to bring him to us. If your ready for the commitment of owning a puppy, then perhaps this little guy is for you! email us for an adoption application: [email][/email] or call us at 514-386-5960

poodletalk April 29th, 2008 02:47 PM

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Here's Mojo!

aslan April 29th, 2008 04:41 PM

aaaaaaaaw a little baby quincy, hmmm wonder if i can talk grace into one more baby.

coppperbelle April 29th, 2008 06:06 PM

Golden Retriever pup
Boy it didn't take them long to reconsider. If I hear of anyone looking for a young pup I will send them your way.

rainbow April 29th, 2008 06:09 PM

Awwww....he's adorable :cloud9: and I'm sure he will find a home soon.......hopefully forever this time. :goodvibes:

susieqt May 10th, 2008 08:59 AM

I am happy to report that Mojo is in his new home and being very spoiled right now :thumbs up. Thanks to all who inquired about him!

growler~GateKeeper May 11th, 2008 12:25 AM

[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="3"][I]WOOHOO for MOJO![/I][/SIZE][/COLOR] :thumbs up

rainbow May 14th, 2008 03:26 AM

YAY for Mojo. :highfive:

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