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TobyinSelkirk April 3rd, 2008 11:59 AM

Cairn Terriers?
Hi there! I'm new to this board and looking for other Cairn owners! Toby is just 4 months old now and I was wondering if any others out there can share their puppy stories and tips, and just what ever else may come to mind! What do you like most about this breed? I know I love the no shedding, and the attitude they seem to have, I think they're funny! I have never seen a dog growl when he plays, runs, digs or chases!! LOL

Georgie Gal April 4th, 2008 04:38 PM

We had 2 Cairns when I was young. They are a nice breed to a point, they have kind of "cat traits", they own you not the other way around, they are (completely) the boss of you!!! Of all the breeds I have owned, the Cairn Terrier is the most disloyal of them all. They are lovely dogs, funny & cute, but they are also clever, so put the foot down & train, train, train, until he knows that he is not the boss, it takes more training than most dogs, but, as I said, they are very clever.

Lise April 4th, 2008 05:09 PM

We have Molly a six year old cairn.I agree very smart.They are probably one of the easier terriers.Molly loves her family,she's great with big dogs not so good with little ones,wonderful with kids,can be little bit of a pain for barking,is totally unreliable off leash, will take off after any small animal,is totally fearless and is sole handedly responsable for the fact we have no mice in the house and no rats in chicken coop.I don't think a cairn is a great choice if you want a dog that will blindly obey you,but if you want a great little dog with lots of personality that will usually listen to you sooner or later if it's really important and they see some reason for them to do so then you've made a great choice.We love ours and I think she's just as loyal and loving as my collie or beardie.She's also incredibly cuddly at the end of the day.

TobyinSelkirk April 6th, 2008 01:22 AM

I totally disagree with you georgie. I mean you had one when you where what age? Young you said.

So far he is very LOYAL to me and my family, and I can tell you I own him, not the other way around, and for a puppy of 4 months to know how to sit,come when called, plays fetch and is completly house trained doesn't seem to me that they are hard to train at all! In fact he's alot smarter then most labs I have met and owned! Hmmm..... seems like you didn't have the same breed.

I can see not letting him off the leash, thats forsure!

I posted this for insight on the breed not for someone to come along and bash them.:shrug:

Lise April 6th, 2008 03:01 PM

Cairns are not hard to train,but I know Molly gets bored with repetitive commands.Learning different things is more fun than having the same commands,variety once they learn the basics and don't expect them to respond to long training sessions keep them short and fun.That way you enhance the cairn spunk not squash it!!Please post pictures

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