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lindiak007 February 24th, 2008 08:39 PM

adding a new dog to a pack - help;-)
I have a 2,5 beagle (25% daschund) male (in the picture). I would like to add a bigger dog to "my pack" and was thinking of Rhodesian Ridgeback female.:stork-baby:
What do you think of this combination?

I am not afraid of them being at house, just outside. I believe the Ridgeback needs more movement and my beagle even he fetches the ball, he doesn't fight for it too much, so I do not know how would they do outside when play.

Is it hard to have 2 dogs offleash as well?
Is it better to get the Ridgeback as a puppy?

Maybe somebody with small/big dogs mix could help?

Thank you

aslan February 25th, 2008 05:11 AM

I have a small dog, large dog home. Only issue i ever have with them off leash is my little guy is a terrier mix so he has a definate mind of his own. As in all other issues of adding a brother or sister it depends on the dogs personallities. My little guy thinks he's a big dog and made sure the baby knew it. Kinda funny now when the baby is 85lbs and towers over his majesty. I have a friend who has a chihuahua mix and a ridge back and they are the best of friends. I think aslong as neither dog is hugely territorial you will be fine.

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