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Dan May 15th, 2002 06:30 PM

dogs and new children
my wife and I have two dogs...a dal and a golden ret. We've been married a year and
are hoping to have kids soon. As far as kids go...I know the golden will be no problem.
The dalmatian, however, is a little skittish around kids. Never aggressive...just avoids
them like the plague when she sees or hears them. Once she gets to know a child...she
loves them. Is this normal? How do we prepare our dogs for a house with baby...toddler...
tyke??? Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated so we can start working on this now.
Another question: We are avid runners...the dal can go forever but the golden seems to putter
out after 25 minutes or this normal?

SeanAJ June 5th, 2002 05:32 PM

dogs and new children

There's a great book I read called Raising Rover. Can't remember exactly who the author is, but it had a chapter on newborns entering your household, the problems that may occur and solutions to those problems.

I found the book at the local library, but haven't found it in any stores yet (although, and both have it listed).

Hope that helps.


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