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anima3 October 18th, 2007 05:32 PM

LOST CAT! (Montreal, NDG) Brown/black Maine Coonish tabby
We haven't seen Pollux since yesterday (October 17th) noon, and I miss him
desperately!! He is a male, 8-month-old Maine Coonish (brown, almost
black tabby with an extra fluffy tail and little black pointy ear tips)
kitten who has not been neutered yet and has all his claws. NO COLLAR!
I'm not sure if he answers his name, but you can try! He can probably
be bribed with food or a high-pitched kissing sound. He's got a little
twin brother who wants him back! Photos below - more available on demand. Pollux would probably be around Hampton Ave., in NDG, but we never know what can happen. Perhaps he jumped inside a car trunk? Perhaps he was hit by a car? We're simply broken-hearted and just want our kitty safely back in his loving home! :cat:





catsnatcher-CDN October 18th, 2007 07:11 PM

Someone on this board ( i think cpietra) suggested leaving a worn tshirt or blanket out on the porch. The smell will lead him home.

You also need to check with the SPCA every few days... they don't always call when a cat comes in that may resemble your cat.

Love4himies October 19th, 2007 08:15 AM

He may have gone after a female in heat and may not return until she is finished.

Check the local shelters daily and do leave a box outside with some worn shirts/his toys in it. Check early, early mornings for him.

If you want to stop his wondering and keep him safe, the best thing is to get him neutered and only allow him out when you can supervise him. Please get his brother neutered ASAP!

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