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tycats August 13th, 2007 07:18 PM

Cat with nerve damage knuckling
Hi Guys,

I am new to this forum but I found you when I was researching nerve damage to my cat's leg. Her history is that she had a bad fall in May which resulted in a fracture to her back femur. She had surgery to repair with a pin and wire. After 6 weeks the pin was removed and the fracture has healed just fine. The bad news is that she has no feeling from about her hock down. That means that although she can walk and run around the paw is folded under (knuckled) as she has no feeling, or awareness perception in her paw. My vets are saying that there was possible sciatic nerve damage from the pin and that we should take a wait and see approach. She did have some severe swelling and tenderness around the knee area, but that seems to have gone away. They thought that a time frame of 8 weeks after the pin removal should show results. We are now at that time but she is still not using the paw. Fortunately she is not self mutilating and the skin on the top of the paw has calloused over and so there is no injury to skin. She is an indoor cat and only walks on carpet. I noticed that a vet had posted a reply saying that the nerves heal very slowly. Does anyone have any encouraging reports on their own pets nerve repair after an injury, and how long it took. Or maybe the same vet can give some advice. I keep pinching her toes to see if the feeling is coming back, but I am not getting any reaction. She has started to shake that leg a little bit in the past couple of days - hopefully that may mean she is starting to feel something tingling. She is only a year old so she does have youth on her side. Any info or experiences would be appreciated.
Thanks, Thai's Mom

mummummum August 14th, 2007 12:51 PM

Bumping this up so it doesn't get lost in the flurry of new posts.

roadrunner November 13th, 2008 07:04 PM

sciatic nerve damage situation
I have read your information over many times and wonder - how is Thai fairing?
We recently introducted a kitten into our family. At 5 1/2 months we had her spayed. To our dismay, the vet caused sciatic nerve damage to her back leg either from a post-surgery injection (which accidently could gave gone into the nerve); or from having her leg tied to tight during surgery. Regardless, our kitten now has an injury and I wonder - will she ever be fully able to walk properly again? She was totally dragging her back leg. Her leg is now in position and she uses it although it is weak. She walks well on vinyl flooring, but walks with her foot folded under when on carpet - knuckling. From surger to today is approximately seven weeks of recovery time.
Did Thai ever fully recover? Curious to know how things went for you.

bendyfoot November 14th, 2008 10:25 AM

Nerve damage can take a very long time to heal. The fact that she's using her leg at all, however, is a very good sign. has the vet or a physiotherapist shown you any exercises to do with her to keep the leg limber and muscled?
There are small braces you can get to help keep the foot in the proper position to prevent knuckling...[url][/url]

cpietra16 November 14th, 2008 01:58 PM

I had Misty who was picked up by her head by a dog. There was no obvious damage that we could see but a few hours later we noticed that she couldn;t close one eye. After a few tests our vet realised that the dog had damaged her nerves and she may never close her outer eyelid. Hesaid there may be a possible regeneration ( not sure of term) of the nerves.

Good news.It took a little over a year before we realised that she could close her eyes properly.

roadrunner November 14th, 2008 02:26 PM

Thank you for your thoughts. Have not been shown any "professional" exercises to do with our cat. However, I massage the foot and toe area and have applies a warm heating bag to her foot. I tend to think she is getting a little feeling into the foot area - unsure if the toes have feeling yet. She sometimes reacts when I work on her foot. Perhaps she is just bothered by me fussing over her foot so much. If you have any suggestions as to exercise, would appreciate your comments. Regards.

bendyfoot November 14th, 2008 02:48 PM

I'm not super-familiar with the exact exercises, but I know they're called Range of Motion (or ROM)...if you want to ask some people who are very experienced with nerve damage and the like, I'd drop a line with these lovely people...they'll be able to share their experiences with regeneration as well...


Try the "Paralysis" section...

I hang out in the "Amputation" board...:D

roadrunner November 14th, 2008 03:04 PM

Would appreciate the help from your "contacts". I want to be able to help Kali's situation along as best as possible, and have not hind-sight regrets. So, whatever help you can give will be appreciated.

Remy's Mommy November 14th, 2008 03:32 PM

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Remy is one of my two kittens that I adopted. Today when I came home from work I heard crying from my apartment. When I opened the door I found Remy hanging from my bedroom window by his paw. The window apparently slammed shut directly on his little paw trapping him from getting out. The wall beneath the window where he was hanging was full of blood and scratch marks and he clawed the tile of the windowsill till it broke off. Remy put up a hell of a fight trying to free himself but didn't succeed. When I opened the window his hand had the same impression as the window frame, it was unbelievable. Straight out of a looney tunes cartoon episode. Completely cripple. All his claws were gone from the struggle his nails completely off his paw. His arm looked dislocated from his shoulder down. Limp. He couldn't move it at all. I was in complete shock,panic crying hysterically. I immediately called 911,311 used Google did everything I could trying to find an emergency animal hospital. I couldn't stop crying on the phone to each person I spoke with.

When I got to the hospital the doctor told me he has to do some xrays. If it's a fracture then they will put a cast and it can be repaired. However, worst case scenario if it's nerve damage and the nerves do not heal themselves, the leg will have to be amputated. I didn't know what to think or what to expect all I could do was wait. When the xray came back the doctor showed me Remy's arm. All the bones were intact. Not a single fracture or bruise. I already knew what the deal was and started crying again. The doctor told me to wait it out a few weeks. He will bandage the arm,give him a steroid shot and antibiotics if the arm doesn't show any sign of functioning then they will have to amputate it. I've never hurt so bad in my life. What can I do to help my Remy? :confused:

roadrunner November 15th, 2008 06:06 PM

remy's mom
So sorry to hear of your kittens experience. We so quickly become attached to our pets, and feel so responsible for them. So please remember, what has happened is an unfortunate accident! The first couple of weeks will be very stressful for you, but do not loose hope. Your kitten is very young; and in a loving environment.
From the reading I have been able to do on nerve damage - all indications are that nerves repair very very slowly. We have to be patient, which is not easy. Kittens are amazing little creatures; and over the past weeks I have had some amazing experiences shared with myself that have been very encouraging. What you little "Remy" needs most is your love. Do not be quick to loose hope. Your vet obviously wants what is best for your kitten too. That is what is at stake at this point - what is best for your little kitten; and it sounds like you are taking good care of "Remy". If "Remy" can stay physically strong with good food and rest, give the little body time to heal. Patience. Right now you too are in shock. We try to give them the best. However, accidents do happen!
Will follow your little guys situation. Take care of yourself too.

bendyfoot November 17th, 2008 08:43 AM

Roadrunner, just go to that link I posted up there, sign up to be a member and post any questions you might have...the people there with experience will be able to offer guidance and suggestions...

Remy's mom...oh my gosh what a horrible, horrible experience for your poor kitty! I can only begin to imagine how awful that must have been for you to come home to that terrible scene...I would have been an absolute wreck!:grouphug: It sounds and looks like the little fella's in good hands (that's a lovely bandaging job). I know you're in a "wait and see" situation right now, but I did want to chime in on something I have experience with: ampuation. You can see in my siggy that I have a german shepherd who has only three legs. She lost a foreleg due to a leg deformity when she was a pup. I just want to say that I know how horrible the idea is of amputation, and how scary, and how it seems like a cruel thing to do to a young animal, and you wonder how they will cope or how they will feel afterwards...

but I can tell you quite honestly and sincerely, that animals do JUST FINE with one less leg. In fact, most are back to their old activities and feeling fit as a fiddle within two or three weeks after the surgery. My girl goes on long walks, plays fetch, does stairs, plays with other dogs...and she's a big girl. Kitties tend to do even better because they're small and agile. Sometimes, amputation is a good solution for an animal whose damaged/injured/deformed/cancer-ridden leg is causing them pain and difficultly getting around. Just a thought, and a :grouphug: for you. Hoping your little one feels better soon.

roadrunner November 19th, 2008 01:28 PM

cat sciatic nerve damage
Thanks for the suggested link. Found much helpful information from the source. One of the replies indicted as you did - nerve damage takes a loooong time to heal. Our kitten is in perfect health; active and playful. We will continue to give her the care she needs, and hopefully her leg and foot will come around. She is soon off of the steroids. We will meet with the vet again for an update of how they view her situation. Here is hoping....

moonstone December 10th, 2008 11:53 AM

Nerve Damage.
I am new to this forum (joined yesterday) and already it has given me hope:thumbs up
I have a kitten aged 4 months who was diagnosed with Hip Displasia:sad: This happened after one of my other kittens jumped on her back as she was coming down the stairs and since then she has been dragging her back legs although she sometimes stands up on them:sad:the vet decided to take a wait and see approach with her treatment,she was also put on restricted exercise so i made her a little compound in my bedroom with all her toys:)scratching post keep her happy:)

Yesterday i went back with her for X-rays to be carried out but i saw a different vet who just watched her trying to walk on his very slippery floor and commented that she would never recover (he said she also had nerve damage although he did not examine her)and offered to PTS:shrug:having refused his kind offer i turned to google and it came up trumps with this forum:thumbs up
reading through this thread has given me so much info that i know i have made the right decision:)I am going to try Acupunture with her has anyone on here had any luck with this treatment for Hip Displasia/nerve damage:lightbulb:I would be grateful for any suggestions on treament for my little girl.

bendyfoot December 10th, 2008 12:38 PM

First, welcome!

Second, I'm really curious how your vet came to a HD diagnosis in your kitty...hip dysplasia is a heritable (genetic) disorder that usually doesn't turn up until animals are older, not sudden onset after an accident like you described, and I have to tell you I've never heard of it causing that kind of lameness in a kitty... HD is a malformity of the hip sockets that causes wear and arthritis in the hip, and has nothing to do with nerve damage...I'm really confused how your vet came to that diagnosis...

It seems far more likely to me that your kitty sustained damage to her back (nerve damage) that is causing this partial paralysis.

Some thoughts and questions: many kitties do just fine with slightly wonky back legs. If you're happy and she's happy there's absolutely no need to PTS. Secondly, is she peeing/pooping ok? Does she have control over it? This would be my main concern with a para-kitty.

moonstone December 10th, 2008 03:31 PM

Nerve Damage.
Thank you for your reply:)when i got my hetty she had a huge swollen belly which the vet had said was due to worm infestation (she came from some awful neighbour,s who keep lots of entire cats and allow them to breed) this had caused her back legs to splay outwards although i was assured by my vet that this would correct itself with good feeding and TLC:)
It was after her accident that another vet at the practice diagnosed HD:sad:he manipulated her back legs and said that she had very small ball joints and these were slipping in and out of the sockets causing lameness .
No tests (blood or others) have been carried out nor X-rays been taken.
To say i feel let down is an understatement and i am considering asking for a referral to another (better) vet in my area:)
I was devastated to receive yesterday,s news that she would not ever have a normal life but she is a very happy kitty:)eats well and would not entertain any thoughts of killing her just because she cannot walk:sad:she can get around really quickly and is able to use her litter tray without help:)she has full control of her bladder and bowels:)
I read in an earlier post that nerve damage can take a long time to heal and i do feel that she will improve with time pretty much as the first vet predicted(it,s been a month since the accident so not long really)
I am based in the U.K. so i am not sure how clued up our vet,s are compared to those in the U.S. most do not approve of keeping disabled pet,s:frustrated:
They don,t seem keen on the use of complimentry treatment,s judging by my vet,s reaction when i mentioned Acupuncture but i will try anything to improve my girl,s welfare:)I have enough love (and time) to spend on nursing her if she remains disabled:)would appreiciate any advice:)

moonstone January 9th, 2009 04:15 PM

UPDATE on Henrietta.
LAST YEAR I POSTED ABOUT MY KIT HETTY who i was told had HD and nerve damage:shrug:since then i had a vet come to my house to give her acupuncture:thumbs upthis vet examined her and diagnosed that she had actually suffered a broken leg possible two when she had her "accident"she gave treatment for Hd (she does have this and it,s bad) she asked me to get X-rays done (I had already asked my vet to do this but he said it was not necessary) anyway this time i insisted and the X-rays were done :thumbs upthe original vet said again that she had nerve damage,poor circulation in her legs and poor blood supply,he was very dismissive of her when he has not even examined her properly:shrug: yesterday she had more acupuncture and again the second vet examined her,she is certain that she has suffered at least one break to her leg below the hock joint possible two or three, and has said that i must get a referral to another practice with more X-rays (the ones my vet did failed to cover the area where the breaks have occured) so we are still in limbo about her condition:sad:she does NOT have nerve damage or a deformed spine as the original vet had said:sad:
I put my trust in this vet and have been with this practice for many years to look after the health of my animals:sad:to say i feel badly let down is an understatement:evil:
I just hope that the new vets that i take her to will be able to put right the damage that he has done but how can a qualified vet leave a kitten with broken legs without treatment:confused:

danmirage August 25th, 2012 02:36 PM

Remys mommy,

What happened with this kitten?
We have a kitten with a very similar circumstance.

Whatever the outcome, I would like to know the history, timeline, etc.
Thank you very much.

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