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kenneth June 30th, 2007 12:12 AM

Anal gland removal - dog still in pain - Answered by Dr. Lee
3 yo dachshund had anal glands removed in feb 07 continues to have painful episodes as though he receives a bee sting on his rear or a shock even when hes sleeping will be woken up by these episodes.some days much worse than others. all vets say the surgery site looks and feels good and see no reason for this. dog has routine normal bowel movements has received antibotic therapy dog has these episodes daily while sleeping and awake while running walking laying around i.e. not associated with any particutlar activiety or diet, any ideas from anyone thanks ken ,

Dr Lee June 30th, 2007 12:13 PM

I am sorry to hear he isn't feeling well. Perianal pain post operatively - I am assuming there were no episodes prior to surgery?

One possibility... There are typically sutures placed underneath the skin. They are absorbable and may take months to degrade. Mild inflammation is usually present. The inflammation is needed to dissolve the sutures and is almost always done without the patient ever feeling it. However even mild inflammation next to a really, really, really sensitive area may present with some clinical discomfort. For the most part patient after anal sac removal surgery will be without any problems, but he may be extra-sensitive.

A few questions: How often do the episodes occur? Are they less frequent? Getting worse? Bowel movements normal?

What can be done? Depends on how bad the episodes are. If they are improving and becoming less frequent, some warm compressing and time can do the trick. If the signs are often, causing a lot of pain, getting worse; perhaps some medication may be necessary. If the surgical site looks clinically find and without inflammation, then gabapentin may be helpful. This medication is useful for pain associated with nerve stimulation (such as phantom pain syndrome, etc...) If the nerves are being stimulated by low grade suture degradation, this medication may help. There are several options for pain medication. Sometime stool softeners can also be of benefit. You may want to ask your vet what she or he recommends. If additional symptoms are seen, it would be important to let your vet know in case there is something else going on...

Hope this helps.:pawprint:

msambr2 May 14th, 2008 11:31 AM

Still having problems?
My 3 yr old female dachshund just had surgery on Friday May 16th. She is doing the jumping, startled as though she's been stung as well. I'm wondering if this has since resolved in your dog?! Am worried this will be a long term issue and am terrified already!
Please let me know! [email][/email]


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