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JAB May 27th, 2007 06:12 PM

One week to liveThis is a hard one.
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This is a hard one. Someonw we know will put his 7 year old cat down next weekend since their one year old started to walk he has started to eliminat everywhere including on their bed when they are asleep. They have taken him to the vet to be checked out and there is nothing wrong with him. It is all behavioral because of the baby, so he need a home with no children and no other cats. Naturally they are worried that the baby will find his deposits.

Here is the pictures and description he sent to me>

"A beautiful, indoor, seven year old male cat needs a home. He still
has his claws, and has been neutered. Very good temperament and very
affectionate. He's dominate with other cats, so he needs a home where
he is the only cat around.

Comes with food, litter, litter box, carry case, and his own toys."

Frenchy May 27th, 2007 06:19 PM

I had a cat with the same problem , vet prescribed something to calm her and it worked, this was years ago, I don't remember the name of the meds. But I could call my vet tomorrow if these people are willing to try ? It's not expensive medecine.

poodletalk May 27th, 2007 06:25 PM

My friends cat had the same problem every time she brought home her new born babies from the hospital. The cat was very anxious when the babies started crying, crawling, walking. The vet perscibed the cat something and the cat spent his days in my friends bedroom away from the kids.

Very slowly my friend introduced the cat to the kids and now the cat is fine. It took awhile and patience.

Every once in awhile the cat has a relapse when the kids are at a new stage in their lives.

JAB May 27th, 2007 06:40 PM

This couple is at the end of their rope. They have tried medication which helped but constipated the cat, which made matters worse.

I've met this cat and he is a beautiful and wonderfully affectionate, friendly cat as long as ther are no other cats or kids.

CyberKitten May 28th, 2007 01:16 PM

Oh dear, I hate to see a pet lose the only home he has ever known because of this - it makes no sense. Maybe they can go back somehow and reintroduce the kids and the cat - sound like the first time did not work well for whatever reason. Too fast maybe? I have two nieces (ages 7 and 18 mos) who are so used to the pets and the pets are very protective of the kids and sleep partially on top of them. I think it is a matter often of training and if there are serious probs, there are many medications - not just one kind - that work. I would give it more of a chance that they have. If they have only tried one medication, that is not really that much of an effort with all due respect. And I say this as a pediatrician who has many patients with cats. I have families who have even trained the cat to not come too close to a child when s/he was in a situation - waiting for a bone marrow transplant for example - where pers too close by was not a good thing! So I would not give up just yet!!

It does sound like an anxiety issue so if the cat has the right med, he may only need until he adjusts to the kids - and they are not going to be toddlers forever!! The children also need to learn how to behave around the cat and respect him as well.

I just hope they'll give him more of a chance! It seems so unfair!

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