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marko May 26th, 2007 10:17 AM

Pet food slander policy clarified
Dear members,

In an effort to clarify what is slander for this forum here is a new sticky. There will ALWAYS be grey areas and this is where MODS and ADMINS try to make the best calls we can for the long term health of this forum. Decisions are not personal or against any member.

Here goes:

[B]Please use words like In my opinion (IMO) - or In my experience[/B] when comparing brands of food or talking about lower quality foods. Explain why the food is low quality (usually the ingredients are a great indicator)

Member's are entitled to their opinions - just please back them up. At the end of the day we WANT the best info out there for visitors. We want to educate current and future members. What we don't want are lawyer's letters and lawsuits.

What will get modded are general statements without substance.
Brand X is pure garbage. Company X doesn't give a crap about animals. Company X poisons animals. If company X IS poisoning animals - then back it up with something...

We are not lawyers so members may well see examples not covered by this sticky...please just ask if you are concerned about anything. We are always learning. There will be mistakes - this forum is a work in progress but we are always here to help.

With regard to thread closures and edits for this forum (and other forums) Effective immediately (or by the end of this weekend) Rudeness and slander will just have an edited by Mod X threadnote. Members are welcome to PM the mod in question or PM me for further clarification.

So on a personal level - thanks dear members for making this a great forum and please feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have.

Thanks again,


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