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Twisted_Angel December 22nd, 2006 10:04 AM

As everyone knows, I had to swap Kaiden off nasty Alpo and Ol'Roy to Canidae. Well a couple days ago I got to the last can of Canidae and opened a bag of Merrick. He HATES it. He refuses to touch it unless he is starving, even when I wet it. And when I add meat and egg shell powder (to avoid throwing off the calcium : phosporous ratio) he just picks the meat out and leaves the kibble. I am probably just going to start ordering Canidae online, but I still have a whole bag to go through so what do I do in the meantime? Nicky and JR like it, so I will give whats left to them, but what do I feed Kaiden until then.

:offtopic: :sorry: I need to rant. This week couldn't get any worse. They sent the wrong cord for my camera and I had to send it back. And my mom is up high on her throne this week if you know what I mean. I gave Kaiden some raw chicken earlier (which he loved by the way, I almost didn't get my fingers back) My sister told my mother. I was expecting the whole "he's too young you'll make him sick thing" but instead I got "Don't you ever do that again you'll turn him into a chicken killer blah blah blah" I argued. She said she had a setter as a kid that was shot for running chickens after grandpa fed it raw chicken. Whatever. The point is I now realize the whole "wait until he is old enough" thing was BS and that he was NEVER going to be old enough for her to let me feed him raw. I am SOOO mad I could :yell: If she wasn't going to let me do it then why not tell me in the first place? She was just trying to shut me up. Oh and of course she's always right because she's OLDER. Hmph. I think I am actually going to cry. Kaiden has to eat yucky processed food until I move out when he is almost 2, and the worst part is that my mother LIED to me. That may not be a big deal with some people but she NEVER LIES to me. She says that if I am capable of thinking like an adult that I am capable of handling the truth. So much for that.

technodoll December 22nd, 2006 10:15 AM

how about you print this out and give it to your mom for reading material? her logic is grossly false but if you try to tell her this it will only aggravate the situation. however if it's factual information from trusted sources... it might do the trick ;)


kaiden knows what's good for him, he wants and needs that fresh raw meaty goodness (as you saw!). i really hope your mom figures this out and if not, keep sneaking him as much raw as you can *without* being caught, to avoid trouble. Remember: in a few years you'll be old enough to move out, get your own place, and set your own rules. it is never too late to switch a dog to raw so keep that close at heart ;)

Twisted_Angel December 22nd, 2006 10:56 AM

Thankyou. I will print it out and leave it somewhere she can find it, like on her purse or the computer monitor. Its just... I really thought that she trust my ability to do my own research... Well Kaiden will be eating raw one way or another.

Prin December 22nd, 2006 12:44 PM

Good luck! Kibble or raw, if your dog refuses to eat it, he's not getting the nutrition he needs.:shrug:

jesse's mommy December 22nd, 2006 03:45 PM

Can I ask which Merrick were you feeding him? Jesse wasn't crazy about the dry Cowboy Cookout (likes the canned, but not the dry kibble:frustrated: ), but enjoys the Grammy's Pot Pie. Did you get the sample bags first or just buy the big bag? If you bought it, see if you can take it back. A lot of places will allow you to return it for that reason. :shrug:

Twisted_Angel December 26th, 2006 10:46 PM

Hi everyone. Sorry it took so long to reply, Holidays around my house are hectic. My mothers response to the article was that "any idiot can put something on the internet, but that doesn't make it make it true." I got mad, and got smart with her which didn't help. I am sneaking it him raw at least once a week, seperate from any and all kibble. As for the Merrick, it is Turducken and they have changed the formula, now it has less meat in it. I got my own bank account and decided to start ordering him Canidae Lamb Meal & Rice from and there are two 20lb bags on the way. I only got 5lbs of the Merrick because I didn't know how he would take to it, but he's been on the Canidae before and I know he eats it.

Scott_B December 27th, 2006 07:09 AM

Would it help to get her actual books? You can find lots online or at the local book store.

LM1313 December 27th, 2006 01:49 PM

Be careful of chicken. Consumer Reports recently found that 83% of fresh broiler chickens have campylobacter and/or salmonella. They found it to be present with all brands, including "premium" ones you pay more for. One exception: Ranger, a Pacific Northwest "no-antiobiotics" brand was safer than other brands. But in general organic/no-antibiotic brands fared worse than "regular" brands.


Frankly, your mom is right about the quality of information on the internet; sometimes it's accurate, sometimes it's not, and usually you have to use your best judgement to tell the difference. Out of curiosity I checked out what that "raw myths" website had to say about parasites . . . It said if you're getting food meant for human consumption, that the instance of parasites is "negligible." It also said that most parasites come from stillborn calves or sheep placentas. 83% of infected chickens (yes, meant for human consumption) is not a negligible percentage, in my opinion.

technodoll December 27th, 2006 02:57 PM

[QUOTE=LM1313]It said if you're getting food meant for human consumption, that the instance of parasites is "negligible." It also said that most parasites come from stillborn calves or sheep placentas. 83% of infected chickens (yes, meant for human consumption) is not a negligible percentage, in my opinion. [/QUOTE]

what you might want to understand here, IMO, is that dogs are [U]equipped[/U] to deal with these "parasites" and bacterial loads, nature did not intend for their food supply to be sterilized and so they have bodies and GI tracks specifically designed to deal with things that would indeed harm a human. dogs are not humans and you cannot compare how both species digest and process foods.

that being said, my dogs have never gotten sick from eating raw meats, even if left outside for days and being super stinky, i grind massive amounts of raw chicken and handle more meat in a day that normal people see in a week, none of us have gotten sick in any way and i am not the tidiest of housekeepers, LOL! so a LOT of this "information" you need to take with a grain of salt.

Twisted Angel has done her reseach, she knows what she's dealing with and I encourage her to continue her pursuit in raw-feeding kaiden when the time allows. it IS nature's perfect diet for our furry friends, after all, so who are we humans to mess with it? :)

Scott_B December 28th, 2006 12:03 PM

Thats right, dogs where designed to eat cooked food :rolleyes:

People always say "well dogs in the wild don't live as long as family pets." Why do you think that is? If they break a leg, they don't have a vet to fix it. They have to compete with other dogs for food. They have to be out in the elements all the time, rain/wind/snow. They have to actually hunt their food, and can go weeks without feeding. Dogs in the wild have life way harder then our family pets. If anything, its their diet that keeps them alive for so long. That allows them to survive in the conditions that they do. Sorry, end rant.

And no I don't want this to get into a kibble vs raw debate. I support both ways of feeding, my cats still get kibble and I would feed Canidae in a second if i had too. Its just there are countless books out there from professionals that support this diet. And yes, there are countless that don't as well, and as said above, you have to weed through it all, and come to your own conclusions, but to me, it just seems so simple. Raw is not a fad. Its whats natural. Its what they're designed to eat.

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