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Adami February 17th, 2004 07:30 PM

Dog bonkers in car!

I have a beautiful 3yr old black & tan german shepherd that, in most situations, is extremely clever and obedient. Until you get her into the car, that is.
That is when my calm, clever dog loses her little mind - she screams and barks and yelps and paces, launching herself all about the car. Now I crate her for safety, but she still goes off like a siren. She does not seem panicky or afraid, more like extremely excited, and I cannot calm her down until we reach our destination.
I would like to have her along with me while I work, but a good portion of my work is (you guessed it): driving. Apart from this one problem, we work together seemlessly, but this one problem is huge!
Help, help!


Luba February 19th, 2004 07:58 PM

How long have you had the dog? Where did it come from?

You can just sit in the car at first without the engine on..sit in the back seat with her in the crate for maybe five mins give lots of praise and a small treat.

Next try sitting in the car with a window down of course, car running for a min. Praise her then you can begin the actually taking her out in the car on rides.

Try small trips in the crate with a treat before she goes in and a small treat when she gets in the crate.

Go just around the block then back home again..praise her like crazy and another little treat.

Next time drive to a nearby park...praise her and let her run and play, having a lot of fun.

Do this for awhile and she may get used to the idea the car can = fun :D

Some people use rescue remedy...but I wouldnt' suggest u start with that..considering you obviously wanna take her along with you many places.

Do you have the radio on in the car when you drive? If you do it may be too loud? IF you don't maybe put it on low as a distraction?

All sorts of things to try.

wAggie February 21st, 2004 11:08 PM

YES, Luba!

works equal wonders for bath times as well :D

[SIZE=1](btw, Honey still hasn't been in Timmy's car... & STILL tries licking the shower clean....hahahaha)[/SIZE]

Daiana March 10th, 2004 03:49 PM

All suggestions I've read so far are great. But I'd like to add one for you that I didn't see. Try bring treats into the car with you. When the dog gets inside - give a treat. When the dog sits quietly - give a treat. When you start the engine - give a treat. If the dog starts to associate good things with being in the car, it may become less anxious. I wish I had this forum for help when I had my poodle. He hated car rides as much as your dog does! I've learned so much since then, but he's in doggy heaven now, so car rides aren't a problem for him anymore, and luckily my new puppy loves them!
Give it a try at least - it can't hurt! Good Luck!

Spoiled March 10th, 2004 07:21 PM

This was posted on a different board to, and I think the poster said that the dog wasn't really food motivated. BUT he is toy motivate (?) so here is one suggestion I don't know if I gave before. Give the dog a toy when he is in the car.

wAggie March 13th, 2004 02:02 PM

yes, or even a toy

ALWAYS make the car ride enjoyable and even entertaining @ times.

I used to leave the back window opened a bit so that he can stick his nose out...

now if I'm in the car w my bf, I put my arm over his head rest, blocking entrance into the front seats, lol.

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