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CyberKitten February 20th, 2006 03:28 AM

Poignant Animal Miracle Episode
I never get to watch TV during the day unless I am home , on vacation, or or peeking at my patients' TV's. Each room comes with its own TV and VCR at our hospital. (Progress over when I was a kid in the hospital, lol)

Anyway - this w/e, I was just wipedout, exhasuted from illness, work and pain so I slept most of the 2 days and since spring break is next week, have at least the luxury of not as many lectures to med students. Residents still must be supervised and mentored but that is easier than lecturing on a hiterotho unknown subject.

Anyway, here it is 2 AM and I was channel surfing and found Lifestyle's Animal Miracles - the one I had watched the epsisode that featured Aggie, the hearing imparued kittie who attacked a robber as he tried to get into their home.

Tonight's (OK, this morning's) [URL=""]Animal Miracles[/URL] featured several poignant and touching stories.

They were all high on the need for tissue(Kleenex) index but the two I found most emotional were the cat ones. There was Oliver, a cat who had been attacked by some larger animal and had half of one of his forelegs torn off. Taken the the vet by a rescuer to be put to sleep - (they thought his injuries too severe), a vet tech who worked there brought him home and paid for him to have surgery at a larger facility that specialized in cats and feline surgery. The leg was remived and the tech brought the kitty - who they named Oliver to [URL=""]Brighthaven[/URL]Brighthaven , a place for cats and other animals to live in a home like situation so they can be cared for live well!! Oliver adjusted to being a tripod while they worried about how he might react to the dogs there (tho there are more cats apparently), he surprised them all by actually making friends with Pepper, a hearing and visually impaired pooch who had been depressed. The two became close friends and alost inseperable with a special bond.

Then there was Stowaway, nicknamed Stowie, who hitched a ride on a family's truck when the husband was driving home. He heard the sound when he stopped and it sounded like "someone was being murdered". His wife who admitted she "liked kittens but not cats": :confused: managed finally to tempt the tiny kit out wth milk but this was over a long period. He was so small that he "fit into my hand", she recalled.

Stowie, however, soon displayed an unusual gift for determining Mrs. Newcombe's (unsure about the name but it sounded something like that) upcoming diabetic comas and seizures. The first time it happened, she jumped up on the woman - who she had bonded with - and kept pawing at her and mewoing. They could not figure out what the anxious cat wanted - checked his food bowls and then her husband suggested fir some reason that she check her gluecose levels. Sure enough- they were seriously low so she took the meds that ameliorated that problem. On another occasion, the woman went into a coma and the cat tried to wake her up and when that did not change the situation, she jumped on the young son who was playing a cideo game on his XBox or Playstation and tried to take the controller out of his hands. He finally realized something might be wrong and found his mother, quickly administered an inecjection to her and she woke up. Stowie was a lifesaver!!

What a great show. I may try to find out when it is next sxheuled and tape them!!!

The url for this episode is here:


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