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Angelina October 26th, 2003 09:38 PM

Peeing in the bed
My little 6 month old female Chihuahua has been sleeping in our bed since the first day I got her. The night before and lastnight she urinated in our bed. I have no idea why she would do this. She went potty right before she came to bed.
What should I do so that this never happens again???
Thank you :)

Lucky Rescue October 26th, 2003 10:58 PM

The first thing I would do is take her to the vet to see if she has a bladder infection. Is she spayed?

If she is o.k., I think you should get up in the night to take her out. A 6 month old Chi has a very tiny bladder and may not be able to "hold it" all night.

Angelina October 26th, 2003 11:51 PM

Hi Lucky,
No she is not spayed. She is currently in her first season now. I think she is on the last week though.

Someone else suggested that I crate her at night. I can't do that where I live though. She will keep the whole apartment complex awake.

Carina October 27th, 2003 04:42 AM

She may well have become incontinent because of hormonal changes during her heat - and there's always bladder infections to consider, like Lucky said.

Be aware too that mammary cancer is not uncommon, and every heat she goes through statistically increases the chance of this. Spaying her won't change her personality at all, it's a good idea!

Luba October 28th, 2003 03:30 PM

Could just be a territorial thing...this is my bed so I'm gonna pee in it.

My dog used to do this from time to time.

Give her her own bed to sleep in, something comfy and soft with something of your scent on it.

Wish you luck


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