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marko August 15th, 2005 12:52 PM

Special rules for Rescue Forums
In order to protect the safety of pets we have adopted a new policy that fundamentally changes the way our rescue forums work. Given the anonymous nature of the Internet, these changes are long overdue.

Effective immediately - Only approved rescues or people involved with rescue will be allowed to post new threads for pets that are available for adoption or rescue. Those approved, have already been contacted.

Here are the approved rescuers:

Badger, BAPS, BenMax, BHRR, BMDLuver, BoxerRescueMTL, BoxerRescueONT, brianna079, canine14, chocolatecoffee, coppperbelle, cpietra16, 14+kitties, Gerdy's rescues, goober, HelenNutmeg, hezbglad, Inverness, JAB, Lil'Rickymom, luckypenny, Lucky Rescue, maddoxies, meb999, Mesaana, MIA, pennyspuppypaws, poodletalk, SOS MIOW, Sylvie, Toonces, totallyhip, Wudjah

All members are allowed to post legitimate questions in relation to threads posted by approved rescues/rescuers but disrespect will not be tolerated. After all, this forum is dedicated to rescue, is for the benefit of rescue in general, and the education of readers.

Other rescues that have not yet been approved can obtain approval at some point in the future. This approval will require you to divulge a fair amount of personal information to the ADMIN, and approval will be based on the discretion of the Admins, Mods, and people already involved in rescue.

As always our goal is education, integrity and in this case in particular the protection of pets.

You can contact me by PM or email me (using corrected standard email formatting) at marko ( A t) pets (d o t)ca if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

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