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Okami August 5th, 2005 02:18 AM

New to cats, what kind of food, and what amount?
I'll be an owner of an 9 week old egyptian mau soon. I was wondering is there any specific brand of cat food I should be feeding this kitten? Is there such a thing as kitten food and should I be using it when it is 9 weeks old, and if so how long do I use it for. Also I don't want my cat to become really overweight, so I need to know how much should I feed it everyday? The size of bowl I'm using is about the size of a regular soup bowl.

mona_b August 5th, 2005 07:49 AM

Question.Are you getting this kitten from a breeder?

If so,this breeder would be most happy to tell you everything there is to know about the health and care of this breed.They will tell you what foods are the best for this breed.Have you done a ton of research on this breed of cat?

Now remember every kitten/cat owner does things differently.

I have been a cat owner for many many years.When my cats were kittens I fed them kitten food.Both canned and dry.And I still do.And my male will be 2 Sept 1st,and my female is 17 months.

When they were kittens I fed them canned 3 times a day(still do).But they only get about a teaspoon.And I left out dry also(still do)My cats are not gluttens when it comes to eating.And they are not overweight.I switched to adult when they were a year.As for the feeding dishes,I have small ones.You can pick them up at your pet supply store.Ask them about it,they will be glad to help. :)

Also,I suggest you pick up a scratching post.Mine is the kind that they can go inside a snooze if they want.

Pick up lots of toys.Kittens love to play.My Male loves chasing the lazer light.My female couldn't care.LOL.She would rather chase the heck out of my male.She tries with the dog,but he wants nothing to do with her.

Also,have you heard the saying that two is better than one?.... :D

chico2 August 5th, 2005 08:09 AM

Okami,I too have had cats most of my life,a kitten will need to eat more often than a grown cat,I used to feed them a TSP of canned 3 times a day,while keeping dry food and fresh water 24/7.
Also do not buy plastic dishes,the cause of man allergies,buy stainless or china-dishes.
Buy the best food you can afford,not from a grocery-store.I assume you paid a lot of money for this kitten,so money for good food is not a problem.
A litterbox with low sides is important for a kitten so he can climb in easily,once he gets bigger you can go to a regular one.
I am hoping you are not even contemplating declawing,so a scratchpost is a must,one with sisal-rope works great.
Some good catfoods,in canned or dry,is Wellness,Nutro,Mother Hubbard etc...the pet-supply store will help you. Good Luck!

Lucky Rescue August 5th, 2005 09:05 AM

Congrats!:) Those are very beautiful cats!

You can feed canned kitten food. Kittens are so active they usually have big appetites. Feed according to directions on the can, and you can adjust it if the kitten seems hungry all the time.

You can feed adult canned food when he's older.

Don't use clumping litter with a kitten this age, but use plain clay litter.

Is this your only pet? If so, and if no one is home during the day, the kitten will be desperately lonely.

If no have no other cats, you might want to seriously consider adopting another kitten from a shelter or rescue. Your kitten would love this!!:)

Okami August 5th, 2005 02:36 PM

Thank you for the comments everyone!
I never liked the thought of having only 1 animal in the house because they get so lonely. I have about 5 birds, 25 fish (they're feeders), and one dog. I was told these cats would be able to be trained to not attack birds. So I'm planning to take the kitten and put it by the birds to socialize everyday. I have a dog to socialize with the kitten, she loves playing with cats....well the ones that will actually allow her to play with them. She's a medium sized dog though so I think I will have to watch the kitten and the dog if they play just incase my dog accidently steps on the kitten :o.
I have never had the thought of declawing nor will I ever. Most people think declawing is just a nail trim that somehow magically takes away all the claws. They really don't know they're actually cutting off an extra finger, ripping out a bone.
But I will trim the kittens claws. I know how to trim cat claws, but after trimming do I smooth it out with a nail filer?
Also is there such a thing as a tooth brush for cats? I'm not sure if cats have a dental problem as much as dogs.

Beaglemom August 5th, 2005 02:54 PM


[QUOTE=Okami]But I will trim the kittens claws. I know how to trim cat claws, but after trimming do I smooth it out with a nail filer? [/QUOTE]
You can, if your kitty will allow you. Many animals don't like the way a nail file feels like. You could just leave it alone after the trim. A good pair of clippers should not leave the nail jagged.
[QUOTE=Okami]Also is there such a thing as a tooth brush for cats? I'm not sure if cats have a dental problem as much as dogs.[/QUOTE]
There is a tooth brush and a tooth paste made specifically for cats. You can use a small finger brush or small tooth brush available at most pet supply stores. It is a good idea to brush your cats teeth. They do get dental problems and many do require teeth scaling especially as they get older. If you are going to brush your kitty's teeth, be sure to start soon in getting her used to it.

Also, about the cats getting along with birds. My parents' cat will actually sleep on the bird's cage and not even pay attention to the birds. I think it really freaked out the birds at first, but they soon learned she meant them no harm.

Roxy's_MA August 5th, 2005 03:04 PM

Don't use clumping litter with a kitten this age, but use plain clay litter.

May I ask why you don't use clumping for kittens. I have a 9 Week old kitten that I rescued about six weeks ago. I have been using clumping in his litter box. I have never heard of the no clumping litter for kittens. :eek: I don't want to use anything that will cause him any problems.

chico2 August 5th, 2005 04:01 PM

Roxy's ma.The reason for not using clumping litter with kittensis,they will lick their little paws and ingest the clay,which in turn can solidify and settle in their organs and cause a lot of problems,even kill the kitten.
I stopped using clumping litter all together and I have 3 grown cats,it was made for the convenience of the owners,not for the safety of the cat.
I was concerned about the dust the cats would ingest every time they scratch the litter.

Okami,I am glad yo are not considerinng declawing :thumbs up
Brushing your cats teeth,might work if you start it right away,I never had any great success :D But descaling at the vet,cost me $300+ for one cat and it's not something we will have done too often.
Also,you can try filing your cats claws :D but usually it's not needed,that too is good to start early so they get used to it,two of my cats are ok with it,but one has to have it done at the vet,if I value my life :D

Roxy's_MA August 5th, 2005 04:11 PM

Thank for the info Chico2 :)

I admit the reason I use the clumping because it was easy to clean. I will stop and check out what my other options are after work today.

chico2 August 5th, 2005 04:16 PM

You're welcome!! There is soo much I have learned from this Forum,even though I have a lot of experience with cats and we all want to do our best possible,to keep our animals healthy,for them to live long happy lives :love:

Lucky Rescue August 5th, 2005 04:17 PM

[QUOTE]I know how to trim cat claws, but after trimming do I smooth it out with a nail filer?[/QUOTE]

I clip all my cats' nails. I use a human nail clipper and do not need to do any filing.

Get your kitten used to nail clipping very gently and gradually,with lots of soft talk, pets and even treats. Try and do it when the kitten is sleepy and never force it. If the kitten struggles, gets frightened or resists, stop and try again the next day. Introducing this now will make things so much easier down the road.:)

Jackie467 August 5th, 2005 04:19 PM

Congrants on the soon to be new addition. If I ever get another cat I think it will be an egyptian mau. They are so beautiful.

As far as food I feed my kitty Wellness. I just switched her about 3 months ago from Iams (not a good food at all) so I don't know how the kitten formula is because I'v only ever used senior since my kitty was 12 when I switched her. I'v noticed a total change since I'v switched her. She has less bowl movements which are firmer than with the iams, and she sheds WAY less than before and doesn't have any dandrift anymore. before on the iams her sheding was out of control, you couldn't even pet her without getting HANDFULLS of fur and I brushed her daily! The wellness has stopped this. I really like the wellness and she seems to like it too, but that's not saying much cuz she'll eat anything.

Okami August 6th, 2005 04:11 AM

Thank you again.
One last question, what are some signs given when a cat is sick?

Lucky Rescue August 6th, 2005 05:30 PM

[QUOTE]what are some signs given when a cat is sick?[/QUOTE]

Other than the obvious - vomiting and diarrhea - some signs can be if the cat is hiding, is sitting in a hunched posture, has no appetite, does not groom itself, is lethargic or if the third eyelid is present.

Kittens usually have two modes - maniac, or sleeping. When the kitten is awake, it should be very playful, active, brighteyed and curious and have good appetite.

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