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Lucky Rescue July 21st, 2003 08:42 PM

Arctic really needs a home!
Arctic got her name because she was scooped up in frigid winter conditions from the rickety shed where she had spent her life. She probably had given birth to 100 kittens in her 8 years.

Arctic is a stunning red/brown colour, but even more stunning is her sweet personality and indomitable spirit. Despite her cruel and hard life, she is affectionate and loving, wanting nothing more than to curl up on your lap and enjoy her new life of ease.

She is good with other cats and maybe even with a placid dog, and would be great for someone who wants a quiet cat to keep them company.

For info or to adopt Arctic, call Debbie at (450) 424-0455 or email


Here is Arctic, although this picture does not do her justice.

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