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Obrien June 22nd, 2003 05:47 PM

Looking for a BULL MASTIFF puppy
Hi! My name is Lee-Ann O'Brien.. I'm looking for any breeders with Bull Mastiff Puppies forsale. I live in Chalk River, ON (northern-ON) and would really like to try and keep close to home. I'm approx. 1 1/2 hrs North of Ottawa, 3 hrs from Kingston, 5 hrs from Toronto...
If anyone knows of any breeders could you please email me at
Thank you for your time!

MikeY June 7th, 2004 03:13 PM

any luck finding breeders? I want a Bull mastiff and have been stumped for weeks now looking....

mastifflover June 7th, 2004 03:27 PM

bullmastiff breeders
These are Bullmastiff breeder in Ontario. I don't know them but please do your research very carefully. Check for health and hip testing and not too many litters with the same bitch or stud dog. Also please research the breed before you buy one and also consider a rescue Bully. These are great dogs but do grow to a significant size not as big as an English or Neapolitan, but they are still large. This is so that we don't find your dog up for adpotion because "he just got so big" or "he is too strong for our children". If you have any questions you can message me.



Adamsway Reg'd, Sharlene & Dennis Adams, DVM, RR 4, Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0. (519-881-0469; 881-0403; e-mail: [email][/email]; web site: [url][/url]). (See display advertisement in Breeders' Showcase.)

Bulbrier Reg'd, Kelli Richard. Quality home-raised puppies from champion, obedience-titled bloodlines. Breeding for type and temperament. Health guarantee. RR 1, West Lorne, ON N0L 2P0. (519-768-1099). (See display advertisement in Breeders' Showcase.)

Bullspirit Reg'd, Leen & Tineke Lange. Breeders of quality, healthy, home-raised puppies from planned champion bloodlines. Champion stud service available. Inquiries welcomed. RR 3, Georgetown, ON L7G 4S6. (905-873-6108). (See display advertisement in Breeders' Showcase.)

Bullstock Reg'd, Ian & Christine Robertson. Our goal: To preserve the health and stability of the Bullmastiff by making a conscientious commitment to the breed, and trusting our puppy owners to do the same. RR 2, Oakville (Bronte), ON L6M 4J5. (905-825-5280; e-mail: [email][/email]).

Bullyhill Perm Reg'd, Howard Woolley. Quality, home-raised puppies available occasionally. OVC-certified parents. Inquiries welcome. PO Box 122, Blackstock, ON L0B 1B0. (905-986-1421).

Burleigh Beth & Jeff, Noble Reg'd. Family-raised puppies. 333 Kendalwood Rd, Whitby, ON L1N 2G2. (905-438-1584; 705-437-3327; e-mail: [email][/email]).

Danier Reg'd. Responsible, selective breeding creating healthy home-raised puppies. 9 Isle Vista Dr, RR 2, Pefferlaw, ON L0E 1N0. (705-437-3327 or 905-438-1584; e-mail: [email][/email]). (See display advertisement in Breeders' Showcase.)

Diggles Barbara, VonDiggles Bullmastiffs. Quality home-raised puppies. Pefferlaw, ON. (705-437-1775; e-mail: [email][/email]). (See display advertisement in Breeders' Showcase.)

Galahad Kennel, Neil & Christa Field, 3341 Conc 4, Orono, ON L0B 1M0. (905-983-9847; e-mail: [email][/email]). (See display advertisement in Breeders' Showcase.)

Guard'nAngel, Wendy Burgess. Loving family guardians. Inquiries and visitors welcome. 1466 Hwy 2 E, Kingston, ON K7L 4V1. (613-541-0636; e-mail: [email][/email]). (See display advertisement in Breeders' Showcase.)

IronBull Reg'd, Cindy Gimbel & Zivian Pribic, RR 2, Petersburg, ON N0B 2H0. (519-634-1171; e-mail: [email][/email]; web site: [url][/url]). (See display advertisement in Breeders' Showcase.)

Jeikridge Reg'd, Wendy Shoebridge. Home-raised puppies from champion parents to approved homes. Box 181, Baldwin, ON L0E 1A0. (905-722-0050; e-mail: [email][/email]).

KipRidge Reg'd, Victoria Tougas & Lynn Zellen. Selectively breeding for excellent health and sound temperament, correct breed type and structure. Raising well-socialized family companions in our home for pet or show from Canadian/American champions. Sold with a written health guarantee and lifetime breeder support. 89 Colonial Cres, Grimsby, ON L3M 5H4. (905-945-3976; e-mail: [email][/email]; web site: [url][/url]).

Knatchbull Perm Reg'd, Andy & Helene Hansmann. Quality puppies for show, obedience and loyal family pets. BPISS Am Can Ch Onan of Knatchbull - hips, elbows and eyes certified (OVC) - available for stud service. Already producing outstanding healthy puppies with Onan's loving temperament. Pedigree Breeder of the Year 1992, 1994 and 1998. Visit our new web site. RR 1, Moffat, ON L0P 1J0. (519-822-4329; e-mail: [email][/email]; web site: [url][/url]). (See display advertisement in Breeders' Showcase.)

Moorside Reg'd, Marc Richard & Jennifer Ballantine. Nous parlons franšais. Located in eastern Ontario, less than two hours from Montreal. Family-raised, quality puppies for show and companion. Russell, ON. (613-445-1832).

Thor Bullmastiffs, Wendy & Gino Bucci, 5728 5th Line, RR 3, Tottenham, ON L0G 1W0. (905-936-5254; e-mail: [email][/email]). (See display advertisement in Breeders' Showcase.)

Windridge Reg'd, Paula & Steve Roberts. Breeding quality dogs that are excellent representatives of the Bullmastiff standard. Champion, x-rayed breeding stock. Puppies raised in our home underfoot. 8110 Line 8, RR 4, Kenilworth, ON N0G 2E0. (519-848-5973).

mona_b June 7th, 2004 08:31 PM

Also what you have to realize is that you will be put on a waiting list....This means that you are on a list before the breeding takes place.Especially with the majority of these breeders.A few I have personaly had the pleasure seeing at the shows.All these breeders are amazing breeders.And have amazing dogs.

Also,you will be put on a s/n contract.And you will go through a lot of red tape...So be prepared. :)

Also,have you tried a rescue?There are Bullmastiff rescues.

Mastiff4me October 1st, 2010 12:26 PM

How Long typically is a waiting list? And how much would a breeder charge for a Pup? (obviously prices differ)

mastifflover October 1st, 2010 12:40 PM

Are you interested in a rescue? Have you owned a Mastiff before? I know of a couple in rescue. Where are you located?

JennieV October 1st, 2010 12:42 PM

I think the length of the waiting list depends on how many times the breeder breeds, and how many pups are there. I am not sure... However, please make sure that you do the research about the breed AS WELL as the breeder, this will save a lot of heart and head ache in the future. I cannot stress this enough. I wanted a Jack Russell so bad... But upon further investigation I came to the conclusion that the breed was not right for me, no matter how much I adore it. The activity level, the prey drive... these were just a couple of things.

Some breeds are not for everyone and some are [B]disastrous[/B] in first-time puppy owners.. (not saying you are one) but this is a large breed, and there are many possible issues that could arise, health and behaviour...

Good luck in your search and please keep us posted on your progress! :thumbs up And we wanna see the pics when you get a new addition to the family!:D

JennieV October 1st, 2010 12:43 PM

[QUOTE=mastifflover;956037]Are you interested in a rescue? Have you owned a Mastiff before? [B]I know of a couple in rescue.[/B] Where are you located?[/QUOTE]

That would be awesome!!

Longblades October 1st, 2010 07:05 PM

Make sure you check those breeders out very thoroughly. One was expelled from the owners club of another breed they have for their breeding practices. PM me if you want details.

Mastiff4me October 4th, 2010 12:45 PM

[QUOTE=mastifflover;956037]Are you interested in a rescue? Have you owned a Mastiff before? I know of a couple in rescue. Where are you located?[/QUOTE]

What are somethings I should know about Mastiff as I have never owned one before? I would appreciate any advice on owning or looking for one. My only other experience has been a Golden Lab as the family pet when I was in high school! I am looking at getting a Bull mastiff

mastifflover October 4th, 2010 02:05 PM

Okay Mastiffs drool and I do not mean a little I mean a ton. Slingers (drool) get flung on walls ceilings your clean clothes, hair and everywhere imaginable. They shed a lot big dogs lots of hair, not sure about Bulls but English do and Neos don't. The vet bills can be double I realize Bulls are not as big but people do seem to think they are huge. For example Bud's:rip: ear infections cost meds 138.00 exam 60.00 the meds for example for a lab would be 60.00 so everything is more expensive. You will need to research a good vet not all of them are giant breed saavy for instance a mastiff can not be sedated with regular anastetic (sp) they require a different one as the regular one can kill them. They can have major joint and hip issues. They cost double to feed and I really mean good quality food to help avoid health issues. If you are planning on buying a puppy you need to know any reputable breeder will not have a puppy to sell you will need to be put on a waiting list. You will want to see both parents and the home and kennels where they are kept. All the health testing that they require you want to see the actual heath tests, not online. You will need to find out what the required health tests are I know eyes heart hips and there are probably more. If a breeder advertises in the newspaper or craigslist or kijjii run far and fast these are not breeders. I am not sure how much Bullmastiffs cost as pups but I can tell you a Neo or English will cost you anywhere from 2000 to 3500 depending on if it is show quality or pet. Please do your research read a lot these dogs are not for everyone you need to be a strong leader they can be very stubborn. They are loyal beyond belief and if you choose one and can deal with a life of never being really clean again (you will always have dog hair or drool on your clothes). Then you have found the most loving dog they also are a bit like velcro they love to be with there families. They can have a high prey drive also. They are not the dog for really active people Bulls are a little more active but they are not going to be your jogging partner, this is not good for there hips and joints short runs are fine but no long runs. There is a lot to learn about raising a giant breed from a pup different food requirements, the type of play no jumping off things etc. I suggest a lot of research which I have said before but really I do mean it they are not for everyone. I am personally addicted to them. I hope this helps. If you want to know more about rescue pm me

Purpledomino October 8th, 2010 09:51 AM

All very good sound advice from Mastifflover. Just to put things into perspective, when I de-worm my dogs it costs approx. $5.00 to buy the de-wormer from my vet for my Miniature Pinschers, as apposed to $50.00 to buy it for my Bullmastiff. BIG difference for the same treatment. (done by weight)

Also, be aware that Bullmastiffs are a brachycephalic breed, meaning they have the more pushed in nose bridge. Care must be taken when exercising these dogs, as they can have breathing issues and intolerance to heat. After about 20 degrees celcius, I decline to take my bully for walks with my other dogs, as it is just too hard on him. It takes alot of effort with all that body mass and they do better exercising moderately in cooler temps.

You must socialize this breed early on, spaying and neutering is important as this is a STRONG breed, you have no idea how strong! Actually it is not a breed to consider if you are new to dogs IMO, a Bullmastiff without the proper training and socialization can be an extreme challenge, and dangerous in the wrong hands.

My Bullmastiff "Ruben" is the sweetest, most loving dog you could ever meet. I trust him with most other dogs, and especially people. On the other side of the coin, a littermate of his attacked and killed a poodle, and she was humanely euthanized by my vet. She is shocked that such an aggressive animal came out of the same litter as my dog, seeing how Ruben is.

No matter how well bred, socialized, and trained a Bullmastiff can always have to remember that this is a very powerful breed that will not usually back down from a fight with another dog. As trustworthy as mine is, I have seen that if another dog provokes aggression with him, he will not back off...and this breed will finish a fight if there is one.

They tend to be more "people protectors" rather than property protectors (in my experience) My Bully will let anyone in my house or on my property, but I am sure he would take the head off of anyone that had bad intentions on me. :pawprint:

mastifflover October 9th, 2010 07:43 AM

Quite the collection of animals at your place Purpledomino. Sounds like a little slice of heaven.
We are not trying to be pessimistic but most people will not tell you the bad points about a breed but at least you have the facts. We are not trying to sell you a dog we just want your choice to be informed. One more little fact giant breeds should not be spayed or neutered till they are about 18 months old, it has a lot to do with there growth. But after that spay or neuter.
Now with that said Mastiffs are the best dogs ever. The most loyal dog you will ever know.

donvan June 13th, 2011 10:57 AM

looking for a rescue
[QUOTE=mastifflover;956037]Are you interested in a rescue? Have you owned a Mastiff before? I know of a couple in rescue. Where are you located?[/QUOTE]

I am looking for a rescue to help place a DDB (French Mastiff) Do you know of any in the GTA South-western Ontario

Melinda June 13th, 2011 11:14 AM


mastifflover June 14th, 2011 08:04 AM

You can contact
or Monstars they should be able to help if not I have one more but they are in the US. Let me know if these can help

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