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rdale11 March 30th, 2005 08:28 AM

film on cats eyes - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden
:confused: My 10 year old female cat..who seems very healthy in every other way has developed a condition with her eyes. Over the last 2 to 3 months we have noticed that a film will cover her eye from the tearduct area up and outward, sometimes covering just a small amount and othertimes covering almost the whole eye. She blinks and it will go away. It seems to be there mostly when she is very relaxed. If she gets excited she blinks rapdly and it goes away. She does not appear to be in any pain so we thought maybe it was a cold or something minor that would go away but it has not. This week I have noticed it more just in the edge (tearduct area) extending about 3 millilmeters almost every time I look at her. It is very thick and almost looks like skin from the inside of her eye. Her eyes do not appear to be leaky or forming a lot of drainage although there is some every now and then. I am thinking that I need to take her to the Vet. But I would like to have some understanding of her condition before I do.

Only other information that might be helpful is that we adopted a kitten that had fallen out of a truck engine in December. They love each other and play all of the time, so I thought at first that maybe she had gotten a scratch or something. But I cannot see one and it affects both eyes equally.

Thanks so much for any advice or information.

vcheng79 March 30th, 2005 09:02 AM

I can't say for sure what that is, but I read something about cats' third eye lid earlier. It says that sometimes their third eyelid could get infected and would cover their eyes. Maybe you should take your cat to a vet to examine. If that is the case, your vet might give you some eyedrops to put on the eyes.

petdr April 16th, 2005 11:06 AM

This sounds as if the third eyelid has extruded from its normal anatomical position. While not a problem by itself, it may hint at underlying trouble such as upper respiratory infections, pulmonary disease, feline leukemia, and the list goes on.

This symptom is not unique to any one problem. Be aware that minor illness may also cause this third eyelid extrusion, and even in cats that have no discernable illness whatsoever, so don't panic.

A visit to your veterinarian, along with the kitten, will address the extent of the problem in your ten year old feline, and if in fact you have a problem at all.

Dr. Van Lienden

Dr. Raymond Van Lienden DVM
The Animal Clinic of Clifton
12702 Chapel Road, Clifton
Virginia, U.S.A. 20124

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