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kristine716 June 18th, 2001 12:39 PM

Collie Not Well?
I work with Collie rescue here in Ohio and have been a foster home for nearly two years. We have had 15 or more dogs through our home in that time, but the one I currently have has me concerned. I do have an appointment scheduled with my vet this evening. Although, any information may be helpful to make sure he is in good health. He is 18 months old. When he entered our home from a shelter 5 weeks ago he was suffering from an upper respiratory infection. We treated him with antibiotics and that cleared up. His drooling has remained excessive though even after this. He has great teeth, so I do not suspect that. Then a little over a week ago he had a hot spot appear on his leg. We have used OTC spray with no results except that it is now about the size of a baseball. The drooling this past weekend became more heavy than normal and his lips appear purple and he seems to be losing the hair around his mouth. He does not seem to have as much energy as a dog his age should have, but his appetite is fine.

Any thoughts on which direction, if any, we should look in?


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