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Rosa May 23rd, 2012 01:26 PM

WORRIED about Cat, plz give advice
Hi Everyone
My sister found a stray cat that was limping and had mucous dried over its eyes. I took some pictures of [B][I]the brown black crust[/I][/B] that it has on its paw, the one that it holds up and doesn't let anyone touch. Her eyes also secrete brown mucous each day though it is getting a little better. She is a Persian long haired cat. She eats a bit each day and uses the litter box. She is still curious about things and limps around greeting people. She is so sweet I am just worried about her health.

I am just worried about what her[B][I] crust on her paw [/I][/B]could mean and since I have no source of income at the moment I am worried about who I could take her. Has anyone ever had this problem before? I would really appreciate any help or advice on the situation.

Take care,

[B]Pictures:[/B] [URL=""]Link[/URL]
If the link is busy just refresh your page and the images should show up.

Koteburo May 23rd, 2012 05:52 PM

Well... About the leg I don't have an idea at the moment (I'll try to think of something) but about the eyes I have something that can help but she won't like it. No worries I would never advice something hurtful but you know cats.
If possible prepare chamomile tea (everything that you use in the process has to be very clean including your hands) half a cup I'd say for 1 bag of tea so it's more concentrated. Let it cool off, keep it in a clean, covered container and when it's room temperature (fresh) put 2 drops on each eye. It can assist a lot with mild eye infections or simply to clear the "sleep" in her eyes. I've used it on kittens and cats with success many times.
The only problem is they don't like it but it helps them.
Repeat this twice a day for a few days, if she gets too upset try at least to do it once a day.

About the leg you could contact some rescue organizations for advice on what are the most affordable options or something for the minimum fee. Maybe they'll know. The humane society in your area, something of the sort. I'll check on that anyway and see if I can find out something.

I want to thank you for helping this baby. We all do the best we can within our possibilities so thank you for being her angel (and thanks to your sister too)

sugarcatmom May 23rd, 2012 05:59 PM

Where are you located? There may be an organization that can help you with vet bills: [url][/url]

Also, try calling some vets in your area and explaining the situation. Perhaps somebody would be willing to take a look at her for a reduced or minimal fee.

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