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Kassy July 15th, 2011 10:35 AM

Need help with puppu
I got a puppy from a friend of mine who accidentally wound up with puppies, about a week ago. She's 15 weeks old, 50% bull-mastiff, 25% husky, 25% black lab. my fiance and I have gotten just about everything down pat already, except for the peeing in the apartment. We live on the fifteenth flour of an eighteen floor apartment building (Donno if she'll be to big for the apartment, but I fell in love with her and we were looking for a dog to keep me company on days when he was at work and I'm home off). We take her for walks first thing in the morning, after we get home from work, and just before we go to bed, and when one of us are home through out the day she goes out periodically between those times. She was fine at first when we brought her home, but then my fiance's mother gave us a bed for her, we didn't know till we got home when she called us to say "By the way you have to wash it, we haven't washed it since our last dog." who had apparently peed on it constantly. We took the bed away but she continued to pee in the area the bed was in, so we took it away from her and sprayed it down with some oder eliminator spray we got from Pet Smart, and now instead of peeing in that area she's now peeing all over the apartment.

What should I do? I want to keep her but my fiance is getting irritated and threatened to get rid of her this morning. I really need some advice on how to stop this.

violagirl July 15th, 2011 11:17 AM

There is lot of information available on crate training puppies. Just have to google it.

Why is she peeing all over the apartment? Do you let her loose when you are at work? I let my puppies loose in the bathroom one day when I went to looked like a petshop had exploded in there when i got home!!! :eek: So when I am at work they are crated. They do not pee in their crates.

When you are home you could just tether her to you and when you see her signs for needing to go - take her out. That might not work as well in an apartment - so set an alarm and take her out on a timer.

Can you come home or have someone come home during the day to let her out?

Kassy July 15th, 2011 11:37 AM

The only time she's really home alone is when I'm going grocery shopping, other than that, she gets to come into work with me. So she doesn't get free roaming rights of the apartment.

I mean she can make it through the night with out going pee any where, she can make it through half the day at work with me with out going pee any where, and as long as she's not left home alone for more than 3 hours when we go grocery shopping or what now again she can go with out urinating any where, it just seems to be when me and my fiance are home.

I don't know if it's because she's a submissive dog (Or so we've been told) or if she's just trying to get a reaction out of us.

violagirl July 15th, 2011 12:17 PM

Then probably tethering her to you is your best bet and when she goes outside to pee give her lots of praise.

I'm not a dog expert, but i doubt a puppy peeing in the house has some kind of ulterior motive. Sometimes when my puppy was smaller she would pee when she was excited but as she got older she got better control.

Kassy July 15th, 2011 12:27 PM

So bassically what you're saying is tether her to me, make her follow me, and when she starts to dance and whimper (her signs that she has to go pee) to take her out side?

And I get the excited part, she's done that a few times.

millitntanimist July 15th, 2011 10:27 PM

Just put her on a schedule and keep her where you can always see her. :)
Puppies do what works. She has learned that going in the apartment = easy relief. What she needs to learn is that going outside is even more awesome than going inside.
Take her out after she wakes up, has a play session, eats, and otherwise about every 2 hours or so. When she successfully toilets outside you throw a huge praise party and give her something super yummy.
If you catch her going inside, interrupt her with a clap of your hands or an "oops" and take her out as fast as you can.
Considering that you are very high up, you might consider setting up some sort of toilet area on a balcony? Some fake grass with a catch-basin underneath. Only until she can hold it for a few hours consistently. Puppy pads are ok, but I've known a lot of dogs to start to generalize any soft surface on a floor (like a pillow or shirt) to mean "ok to go."
What you also want to do is pick up some enzymatic cleaner. Any petstore will carry various brands. It de-natures the scent proteins left by the urine that the dog can still smell even if you can't.
Good luck! This too shall pass :)

Kirsten145741 July 19th, 2011 01:16 PM

Something that really worked well for us during training was utilizing baby gates (we actually found an old crib at the dump and took the sides off--much cheeper) When we were home we made sure our puppy was gated into the same room as us at all times..this way we could watch him at all times yet still enjoy walking around without him directly attached to us. Very quickly he got the idea that he's not allowed to pee inside because we were able to catch him every time. Although we got peed on a few times from picking him up in the "middle of business" it was worth while after a few days. I also really agree with the praise party--if they get treats and massive praise after peeing outside and don't get it inside very quickly I'm sure he/she will figure it out. We also found that going to the same spot outside really helped our puppy to figure out what he was supposed to do there.
Good luck! Might want to look for a few recipes to cook your fiance a nice dinner tonight...he'll forget all about the dog for a couple more days. :fingerscr

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