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bskillings July 29th, 2010 09:50 AM

WARNING: This post is going to be very long

Let me start by telling you a bit about myself and my animals.
I am a single mom. I have a 3 year old son named Xavier. I also have 3 pets. Two cats and a bunny. Here are their descriptions.

Khailan: Khailan is a 1 year old black cat who is part siamese. He is nuetered, up to date on all his shots, dewormed, and has no flees. I have had Khaillan since he was 7 weeks old and I first met him when he was only a couple days old.

Noel: Noel is also a year old. She's a black domestic short haired cat. She is spayed, up to date on her shots, dewormed, and also has no flees. I adopted her about six months ago. Noel had been a stray who was brought into the shelter and then adopted out to a woman who decided she couldn't keep her at which point she posted an ad on kijiji and I responded.

Lynden: Lynden is a 5 month old Holland Lop bunny. I also found him on kijiji and adopted him 3 months ago. He has not yet been nuetered but will be soon.

I cam on here today to rant a bit about Khailan. I love my animals. I make sure that they are healthy and fed and have fresh water and that they all get snuggled and played with everyday. Khailan however is starting to drive me nuts. He and Noel are both litter trained and have both never had a problem with accidents but the other day Khailan peed in my son's stroller and I had to throw it out. He is also scratching my furniture really bad even though I bought him a scratching post. He is also still meowing all the time. He is a VERY vocal cat. He is always talking and singing which is fine with me during the day. However he does it at night too to try and wake us up.

He will sit in my bedroom doorway and meow and meow at the top of his lungs for hours. if that doesn't work he goes into my son's room, jumps on him and starts meowing at him at the top of his lungs. This is becoming a real problem because it's causing us to not get enough sleep and then my son is cranky all the time. Khailan has always been like this. Some people told me that if I got him neutered it would stop but it didn't. I also heard someone say that if I get him a friend it would stop so I adopted Noel.

Noel is quiet and mellow and Khailan is hyper and noisy. I was hoping she might calm him down some.

I really love my cats and I especially love Khailan I just don't know what to do about these problems. Thank you for listening to my rant. Any advice would be really helpful. I can't keep running on 3 hours of sleep.

Winston July 29th, 2010 09:58 AM

Welcome aboard! Have you ruled out medical issues? Most cats dont start urinating outside the box unless they are trying to tell you something? The other thing is the vocalization. I had a pretty vocal boy but in the end I think he was trying to tell me something was up?

Please have a thorugh vet check and rule that out first. Maybe a little extra pplay time to make him tired and that may help with the scratching too! I am sure others will have a suggesiton on the scratching issue...Would love to see some pics of your gang!


bskillings July 29th, 2010 10:16 AM

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Thank you. Yes I have taken him to the vet and the vet says he is perfectly healthy. He had a tapeworm a few months ago but the vet got rid of that and now he is in perfect health. The lack of sleep and damanged furniture is just making me a bit frustrated. I've tried playing with him more but he doesn't like to play with people. He loves chasing Noel around the house. They play tag all the time lol. Thank you for the advice. any More advice is always welcome. i will try to attach some pictures. The Blue Collar is Khailan The Red Collar is Noel and the Bunny is Lynden

14+kitties July 29th, 2010 10:24 AM

As Winston stated - a vet visit is in order. The increase in yowling, the peeing outside the box are both indications that something is wrong. Remember he is part Siamese. They yap a lot all the time. But if it's increased he's trying to tell you in the only way he can. The kitty is not necessarily doing this to wake you up. He is trying to tell you something is off. How are his toilet habits normally? Have you noticed any colour in the litter? Like pink tinged to indicate blood in his urine.
I had just posted this in the other thread you responded to this morning. It has lots of good suggestions to help with scratching.

Also - some tips to help with the yowling.....

bskillings July 29th, 2010 10:43 AM

Thank you for the advice. The meowing hasn't in creased he has always been this noisy. At his last vet visit a couple of months ago I brought it up and the vet said that he was perfectly healthy. If it increases or if I notice anything else unusual I will deffinately take him to the vet. I haven't noticed anything unusual in his or Noel's litter box and usually he uses the litter box perfectly fine. Even when he was a kitten he never had any accidents. I'm wondering if he could be mad about something or marking his territory? Thank you for the links on Scratching. As for the meowing I think it has to do with what those links said about responding to the noise. When he meows I tend to ask him what's wrong and in the middle of the night I say his name firmly in a raised voice but not yelling. I think those responses are the problem. I will stop doing that. Thank you for the advice. Anymore advice is welcome. I will keep you all posted.

Marty11 July 29th, 2010 11:28 AM

Hi there, we had a purebred siamese (awesome cat) that was so vocal he had to sleep in another part of the house. Couldn't do the sleepless nights anymore myself.

BenMax July 29th, 2010 12:38 PM

I have two siamese cats and indeed they talk ALOT! This is normal and they are very attached to their people. I personally let them into my room at night (along with the rest of the gang) and we all sleep like charms. No talking, just alot of cuddling and warmth.

For the bathroom many litter boxes do you have? What type are they? Are they cleaned out after every 'clump'?

Also do rule out medical issues as this can be the culpret.

Good luck and don't get frustrated as things can change if you want them to.:thumbs up

14+kitties July 29th, 2010 12:53 PM

Your sons' is an easy fix. Close his door. Cat can't get in; cat can't wake him up.

Did the vet take a urine sample? You don't have to take the cat in for another visit. You just need his pee. If you can use Nosorb (from the vets) to get a urine sample, put it in a sterilized bottle and get it to the vets asap for testing they can see if he has crystals in his urine. The longer it sits before going to the vets the more crystals develop which is why I say asap. If it can't get there immediately store it in the fridge. Him peeing outside of the box is a sign that something is wrong. Was there blood drawn at the vet?

Is there a possibility that there is a strange cat around? He could be peeing for territorial reasons. You may not see the cat but he may. That could also be a cause for his crying at night. Cats are, after all, nocturnal. Is there a possibility his litter had not been cleaned for a while and he was rebelling against using it?

Do you live in an apartment or a house? Is there a room you can put him in at night away from the bedrooms and close the door. Give him a litter box, his scratch post, lots of toys to play with, the other kitty, and his food and water. Play with him and tucker him out before bed. I know you said he doesn't play with you but I have yet to see a cat that will not chase a string that is being dragged on the floor or bat at a toy that is being dangled. There are tons of those fishing pole type toys at the dollar stores that cats just love.

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