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Angelicpoptart May 31st, 2014 10:34 AM

What's my breed ?
Hello there! About six months ago, my girlfriend and I adopted an adorable little Kitten we named Gideon. Today, Gideon as a huge, crazy troublemaker whom we love to death. He is wild, crazy, and so full of energy. We adopted Gideon from a couple on Kijiji, and were given no information about his past. Honestly, they were a little shady, and we like to think we saved him by giving him a good, loving home. The reason I am posting here today is to find out exactly what species of cat Gideon is. At first, we thought he was simply a Grey Tabby, but as he had gotten older, his markings and his personality are leading us to believe that perhaps he has some Bengal blood in him. We can;t be sure, therefor we are posting here to perhaps find out exactly what our little Gideon is. Thanks in Advance for your help! Below are some photos of Gideon then and now.


Longblades May 31st, 2014 03:56 PM

For species he is a domestic cat. Breed? Unless you got him from a reputable breeder you are never going to know. He's very pretty but he looks a lot, a lot, a lot like a kitten I have right now who we found in a nest when we live trapped her mother. Especially his face, I'm struck with how much he looks like our Derri.

DSH Domestic Short Hair, grey tabby. Love his name. :)

ownedbycats June 4th, 2014 01:27 PM

Tabby is the most common coat pattern gene. It's the pattern wild cat's coats come in. Most people are familiar with the stripe version of tabby, but tabby patterning can vary widely. There are five kinds of tabby patterns. Here's an article explaining and showing the different kinds of patterning.


Here's another site, that goes into more detail on the genetics (this may more detail than you want, but I like learning about how genetics work and maybe you do too)


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