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Mikaela May 26th, 2001 03:15 PM

I recently adopted Mya, a 2 y/o Husky X Shepard. My life/work is such that I have to be able to take my dog EVERYWHERE with me. I was told by her foster mom from the SPCA that she was fine in the car. Unfortunately when I got her home and took her on a few car trips with me, I discovered that she gets carsick if she's in the car for more than about 20 minutes, moving or not. I don't want to give her up, but I also feel bad about making her suffer like this every day. I have read some things that say to use gravol...but they don't mention a dosage. She is about 55 pounds. Is that safe EVERY day? Will she eventually grow out of it? I suspect that she spend her previous life in a yard with little socialising/world experience.

Any advice would be appreciated


mary May 28th, 2001 09:12 AM

pewk is no fun for you or your husky
hi there mikaela, i just heard on a pet radio show, just this past weekend about a cat that would always get sick when riding in their car. the vet made the suggestion to bring the cage in the house so that the cat would get used to the surroundings of the cage and be comfortable in it. you didn't mention a dog cage but if you have a blanket you can use just for car rides, this might help your huskey be in mor familiar surroundings. bring the blanket in the house when not riding, so that your dog can play and sleep on it. then when you go for a car ride bring the blanket with you. also if you can try to make frequent stops and let your dog stretch his legs. i don't know if these suggestions will help, but let me know......i hope your travels go well...........mary

petdr August 14th, 2001 10:31 AM

More info on this subject can be seen in a previous posting.

check out

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