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~michelle~ February 3rd, 2008 04:23 PM

Bunny owners advice
hey all could those of you who own bunnies please give me some good links/info or any personal tips you may have I want to get a bunny one day and would like some info on them

Lukka'sma February 3rd, 2008 10:57 PM

Hi michelle, first before the info, how is my little Braxton doing? Say hello to Logan and Aiden too:)
We had a bunny for 7 years, very easy to litter train, however don't use clumping litter as bunnies will eat some of their poo:eek:, and you don't want the clumping litter sticking to it and being ingested.
They need supervision when out of their pen as they like to chew everything they see:laughing: the carpet, wires are high on the list, TV remotes anything you have laying around is fair game.
My bunny needed his nails clipped about every three months, it was about a $20. visit to Northdale for that.
Most important dietary requirement is timothy hay which you can buy for about $10. which gives you a fair size bag and it is carried at Oakridge Animal Hospital here in London. If you get the hay from another source give it a smell and make sure it hasn't got any mouldy odour to it.
For daily greens I always fed a mixture of carrot tops, dandelion green (any grocery store carries them), parsley, beet tops, etc.
If you can find the number for the House Rabbit Society they usually have several bunnies that need homes.
Can't wait to see the bunny you get!

~michelle~ February 5th, 2008 09:16 PM

Thanks for the info!!!! :) good to know Northdale does bunnies too since I like them for the dogs and cats so much!!

Braxton is well.... hes turned into a very (almost too) confident little dog :)

Im not going to get a bunny until we have more room (so about 6mos to a year) but i wanted to know what im getting myself into first because i know they require more work then most people think!

I want a big cuddly one :) or one of the cute furry ones... i need to read more about the different breeds to see which one would best suit me and my family.

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