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kzpetcrazy April 5th, 2019 02:45 PM

Still happy to be accepted :)
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I been following this site for some time and finally registered to share my story that is to me heartbreaking but was assured by our vet that we did everything right.
We have (had) 3 kiddlets as I would call them . One rescued small pug/jack russell/Bichon mix (Fred)who will be 21 this year. Sleeps lots but is happy and very healthy for his age. and 2 rescued cats Shad and Jinx . Nurmours outside cats, deer, coyotes, fox, owls, various birds, hawk and 2 very mean moose lol. Husband says quit feeding everything and well the feral farm cats are not so much feral anymore .
now the story :
Just before Christmas Shad who was 18 at the time started crying, he was always very vocal but this was excessive. We took him to the vet and after blood work and xrays we was in complete liver failure. tried a few things but a couple weeks later he got his wings. he was surrounded by his family 5 humans and his pals Jinx and Fred. The Vet told us that Jinx and Fred would Mourn but said it should be short lived. They were not over it when we went on Vacation in Feb so found house sitters. We arrived back home on the Morning of March 1 and Jinx who was 16 back paws were infected and swollen. we got her in the vet that afternoon. Vet believed it to be cuticle infections and removed the 2 nails that looked to be the worst IV antibiotics and casted them so she would not lick the wounds . we went back on the 6th to have casts removed and one paw looked ok but the left back whole foot was a bloody pussy mess. By Friday it was decided to amputate and so the specialist was coming out the next Monday. He took one look and said we was going to do more tests first. It turned out was a very rare cancer with the tumor on her nail bed. x rays showed it had metastasized. we were told we have about a month to say our goodbye. We had 5 days..... In those 5 days she quit eating, in the last 3 days she developed 9 more tumors on body and face the last 2 days she did not move . carried her to her litter box but the last day she quit peeing so that afternoon at 2.19 she gained her wings to be with her true love Shad. I cannot stress enough that the guilt we felt and are still feeling over this sudden loss is ours to bear but all the care she received and we are told over and over that by the time this cancer shows its to late. its hard. very very hard and now looking for ways to help Fred. My fear is I will lose his as well he is so lonely and cries ALL THE TIME. I have had him to the vet 2 times already , He says time is what he needs. Any suggestions out there to help? many say its what to expect with older than normal fur babies but it hurts just the same. Fred has dropped from 10.5 lbs to 8 already . not sure I can take another loss this soon.
Heartbroken crazy pet lover :(

hazelrunpack April 5th, 2019 08:16 PM

Oh, my, they're all so beautiful! My heart breaks for you over your recent loss of Jinx and Shad. We lost 6 of our senior dogs over 3 and a half years' time--Cole and Macie crossed to the bridge just a day apart in 2016--so I know the kind of pain you're feeling. [I]And[/I] about your worry about your handsome Fred!

I suspect you've already been giving Fred more gentle attention? Just sitting with him near you? Talking to him? More walks and outside time? Things that will engage his mind and his senses will help him recover faster. Do you think he'd be interested in one of those interactive toys that dispenses treats? I've seen some puzzle toys that looks sort of fun--the dog figures out how to open the door and eats the treats (or kibble) as their reward. Maybe that would catch his interest? It might also help keep his weight up?

Does Fred like other dogs or is he more of a cat person? If he likes dogs, are there any doggy friends in the neighborhood that Fred could visit now and then, or have over to the house for a little social visit?

If it's cats he likes, have you considered adopting another cat to keep him company? At 20 years of age, he probably wouldn't be up to a kitten, but maybe an older cat? Many rescues and shelters will allow meetings between existing family animal companions and prospective adoptees. Maybe you can find a mellow cat that loves dogs that Fred would take a shining to?

It's so difficult to figure out how to help our seniors in this situation. I do hope Fred finds a way through it. Best wishes for both of you :grouphug:

1claire April 7th, 2019 09:06 PM

They look so adorable together, I only know a few dogs and cats that get along so well.
I remember bringing Copper at my friend's house and that cat immediately kept her [URL=""][COLOR="Black"]cat toys and accessories[/COLOR][/URL] away thinking that Pomeranian will try to get it from her.

marko April 8th, 2019 08:16 AM

This is the hardest part of being a pet sorry you're going through this. I agree with everything hazel has suggested... especially extra love and attention.

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