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Kalarvely November 7th, 2019 07:30 AM

Dogs: Harness, Collar or Head Collar?
Just curious, dog owners... Do you prefer a harness, flat collar, or head collar (like a Halti or Gentle Leader) for your mutt? And why?

My staffies always had Halti head collars - worked like a dream: instantly stopped pulling. Although my last staff also sometimes had a lead on a Lupi harness which, whilst not as good as the head collar, was good enough to stop him pulling.

My little terrier has a harness but she walks with a loose lead and is not a puller.

I have seen these new (new to me) Halti harnesses with a double ended lead that fastens at the chest as well as the back - which look good, though and wonder how they compare to other things...

What do you use.have you used in the past? And why?

marko November 7th, 2019 08:56 AM

Welcome Kelarvely!

Overall, I like a regular flat leash for a dog that walks well (doesn't pull too much...remains under control during the walk)

The walk should be for the dog....the regular leash gives more if they are well behaved, most dogs prefer a looser leash.

With bigger dogs, it adds control. I used to use them when I walked larger dogs on a regular basis. But once the dog walks might not be needed...but it might be needed. This really is case by case.

Smaller dogs don't pull too much, so I've never put one on a smaller dog.
That said I'm an average-sized guy with average-sized strength.... and 'smaller' means different things to different people.

Maybe an older person could benefit if the had a harness on a feisty small dog.

Hope that helps a wee bit!

hazelrunpack November 7th, 2019 08:13 PM

We use a regular strap harness. We have medium-sized dogs, who do, on occasion, pull. The strap harness adds a little control on our end and spares their throats from potential harm from a collar-attached leash if they do go a little whacko now and then. :D Most of the time, our dogs are not big pullers and heel pretty well on leash, so we've never used head collars.

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