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petdr May 3rd, 2001 07:46 PM


I bought one of those electric fences for my dog, about 3 weeks ago. It works when he sees other people walking and people on their bikes. He stays in his territory BUT when he sees another animal (e.g., a dog, squirrel, rabbit etc.) he takes off and doesn't even seem to feel the shock. Even when I'm there and see him start to take off and tell him to stay and come he doesn't seem to react to the shock at all. And I set it so It has a shocking field of about 10feet. Any help is greatly appreciated.

By the way, when I take him for a walk and he sees another dog he totally ignores it!!! I've spent about $300 on this system so there must be a way to get it to work right. Before I got the system and before I trained him he would always be running away. But when he sees a car people etc. he doesn't run away, just when he sees another animal. When he hears my neighbor's dogs barking and sees them through the trees he stays in. I'm all out of ideas on what to do.




There are a couple of options to consider with respect to this problem:
Firstly a lot of these shocking devices work on battery and when they run low, the impact of the shock is vastly reduced. You may want to check the electrical source of the system.
Secondly check in general if the system is working. Is there a test mechanism? It may be on the instruction manual. You may also want to call the manufacturing company for advice on how to set the strength of the shock or what they recommend since the device does not seem to be working properly all the time....?
Thirdly, you may want to call a personal behaviour training ( referred by your local Veterinarian or someone else you trust) to help you with this problem. The trainer would most likely need to simulate the case scenario so he/she can show you first hand how to react/act appropriately.

Finally, if your pet has not yet been sterilized, then I suggest strongly that this is the first step you take before the above.

Good luck.

Martin Slome DVM
Centre Street Animal Hospital
Thornhill, Ontario, L4J 7Y3
Tel: (905) 771-9855

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