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danigirl April 6th, 2003 09:26 AM

myasthenia gravis
i have a 2yr old mini dashund (female),she has been diagnoised with myasthenia gravis.......she is taking mestinon 60mg....2x a day (1.7 of a milg).she has some really bad times and then some ok times...she shakes when she tries to walk ,has to lay down after a few feet of walking,lays around most of the time,has to be prompted to eat(beef cubes or dog food).she goes outside to do her business but sometimes has accidents in house.she does plays on occasion,but only for very short periods.she barks and goes to the door if someone comes in,but when she tries to run or walk faster...her back legs seem to have no energy..she kinda hops?
i also noticed her stomach growls alot more lately?has this anything to do with her lack of eatting or another problem?at first my vet had no idea what was took them 6 months to figuire out her i sometimes wonder if this is truely her illness? I trust my vet he is wonderful...but i want my pet well......he says this is as good as she is gonna get?i am not happy with that but if that is how it is...i must help her in any way i you have any suggestions?other tests?other places i should take her?anything else? money is no problem? Thank you,Connie Say:(

petdr April 14th, 2003 02:38 PM

Dear Connie,

Myasthenia Gravis is a serious disease. I often see diseases that have been diagnosed and the conventional treatment prescribed does not often achieve what we consider a return to “normal “ health. There are a number of referral centers for pets across North America. You may ask your vet for a referral to one of these that may be close by.

In treating this disease and any disease per say, I look at the whole history of the pet including any medical conditions and emotional conditions that have come up along the way and I treat with Classical Homeopathy. This method of treatment is to take into consideration all the pet’s symptoms and to decide which ones are “characteristic” to her as an individual. Once this is done, a homeopathic remedy is given in a single dose (usually) and the response to that medicine is closely monitored. You can find out more about homeopathic treatment on my website a [url][/url] and also read “Homeopathy, Beyond Flat Earth Medicine” by Timothy Dooley MD. If it interests you to try this type of treatment, then you can arrange a consultation through my office, or go to [url][/url] to look for a homeopathic vet nearer to you. A large number of vets including myself often do work through phone consulting as long as you have a local vet who will be able to monitor things medically.

©Michael Goldberg DVM

Michael Goldberg DVM
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charmedone March 26th, 2007 04:01 PM

Need more info regarding web site
If you can please let me know of a better way to find your web site to alternative drug products for a dog with myasthenia gravis. Thank you
I am from North Bay ON

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