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pattymac January 16th, 2011 07:52 PM

Noella LOVES Tripe!
She's a kooky little thing and she absolutely loves tripe! She has to help me dish out the critter food and the other day I was giving Bayley her tripe, she has the Before Grains canned right now and little Miss had her nose in the can so fast and digging in with a paw!

So I've started giving her a couple of spoonfuls with her supper. Keeps her big bro's out of her food too, cause they won't go near tripe. I'm guessing it can't do her any harm...maybe that's why she's got so bloody much energy!

rainbow January 16th, 2011 08:20 PM

LOL, that's pretty funny that she will eat the tripe :D cats have sniffed it but won't touch it. :shrug:

I don't know if you are aware but the Before Grains tripe is not 100% green tripe which is what is recommended. The first time I bought it I thought it looked different so I emailed Merrick and was told that it is a mixture of blanched tripe and green tripe. :(

The best canned tripe imo is Tripett and frozen raw is even better and, if you're really lucky and can get it fresh from a farmer that's the best yet. :thumbs up

pattymac January 16th, 2011 08:42 PM

Ya I noticed that the first time I bought it. Tripett is better and waaay stinkier! I may have a source for raw tripe here in SK now, just have to see if it's not too far to travel. I find the raw stuff has very little smell, it's when they cook it!!

She's a real little garbage gut!! It's hard to cook with her around..she wants to try everything I'm eating. I guess scrounging for food for her first few months, she likes just about everything!!

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