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JanM September 5th, 2007 03:52 PM

Better Food for Dogs - Book
I got this book a couple of months ago and am double-minded about it. On one hand, the book recommends adding salt to a dog's diet (which I don't agree with) but on the other hand the book does have some good information. There is a chart on all the Vitamins and Minerals and they give the Functions, Deficiencies and Sources of each - very interesting.There are also charts on the Nutrient Requirements for dogs - based on the weight - also very interesting.

The book also has interesting tips throughout - such as "Do not use human shampoo or dishwashing soap to bathe your dog." Many of us would not but there are, I'm sure, many people who would think it is ok to do this. They say that using these can lead to secondary skin infections.

The book convers a lot of ground - food mainly but there are some health tips too.

I'm sure new dog owners would find some valuable information in this book but I hope they don't use salt in their dog's diet!

mummummum September 5th, 2007 10:24 PM

I liked this book for it's fantastic variety and used it as inspiration for many meals when I was home-cooking. It has recipes like Stirfried Ginger Beef with Greens, Salmon and Dill Pasta, Barley Banana Cookies ~ you get the idea. The other thing I liked about it is that they break down the recipes into sections based on the weight of your dog so that you know how much to cook and feed. I don't always agree with their ingredients or proportions but overall it's a good introduction to home-cooking for your dog.

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