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mimisk March 2nd, 2007 02:46 PM

Has my sneezing Persian allergies or a cold
Hi, I am new here

I adopted an adorable sweet 6 year old Persian, she seems to sneeze or blow air through her nose frequently. She didn't eat the first few days I had her, but now her appetite is back and she is drinking water frequently.
I already changed her litter that was kind of dusty, and bought a new vacuum. I took her to the vet in the beginning to make sure she is ok and they did a blood test. Everything was ok. She stops sneezing sometimes and then it starts again. Is that just her breed? The vet said if it does not stop and she is otherwise acting normal, its probably just because of her little nose. Her discharge is clear and she is happy and alert.
Anyone has the same experience, it would help to ease my mind.

Shamrock March 2nd, 2007 03:19 PM

Hi Mimisk and welcome to the forum! :)
Congratulations on your new addition, kudos to you for adopting this kitty, offering her a loving home :highfive:

Glad to hear she is eating and drinking normally now.
As for the sneezing.. hard to say what might be causing this. As the discharge is clear, and she seems fine otherwise.. I'd suggest just keep her under observation as you're doing. If it continues.. you might take her back to the vet for allergy testing.

Some Persians. especially those that are extreme- faced (very flat) have a type of noisy breathing.. snorting, snoring sounds they make. It's not health related, but due to their tiny noses, as your vet mentioned.
In severe cases, where the breathing appears restricted.. I've heard of surgery being done to expand the nasal passages. But in most instances, this is not necessary at all.

If she actually sneezing rather than snorting though.. that is not connected to her breed.

I have a 7 year old Persian who is a pretty intense snorer, but she doesnt makes sounds at other times.

Good luck with your new sweetie, she sounds like a lovely girl! :cloud9:
We all love pics here.. would be great to see pics of your kitties.

mimisk March 2nd, 2007 04:08 PM

My sneezing/ snorting Persian
Thank you Shamrock,
most of the time its is actually more of a snort, like she is trying to blow something out of her nose. Just sometimes she sneezes.
She doesn't snore at all, it happens usually just when she wakes up and sometimes when she walks around.
My other Cat, Sascha( Himalayan) is ok, so its definetely nothing contageous.
Thanks again.:thumbs up

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