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cassiek December 11th, 2009 12:06 PM

A few silly questions... :D
Alright, I still have a few silly questions! :D

1. My boxer Brynn eats approx. 18 ounces/day. If I give her 80% RMB's = 14.5 ounces/day. I am probably being too precise and paranoid, but bear with me... do you [I]take into consideration[/I] the weight of the bone in the RMB's in this calculation? Obviously, she won't always eat the bones, so would you give extra to make up for what you lose in bone weight? (I hope this makes sense :laughing:)

2. I am going to Calgary this weekend and thought I would pick up some stuff at one of the ethnic super markets (I live in Lethbridge, so we have LIMITED access to this stuff)... what would be some good items to pick up? :confused:

3. I am thinking of doing roughly a 80-10-10 plan... 80% RMB's, 10% organ (half of which will be liver) and 10% of veggies, eggs, and "others"... does this sound okay? I have read [B][I]so many[/I][/B] different ways of doing it... it gets confusing!! Should I include boneless meat (i.e. boneless chicken breasts)? And if so, what percentage??

4. I have been feeding my little guy (with the food allergies) a beef w/ veggie diet so far... I realize its pretty early to see a huge result (and his chronic ear infections have dissappeared... woohoo! :thumbs up) but at what point should I see his allergies lessen? Has anyone else had this issue with their dog, and if so what worked best? I was thinking of maybe going back to square one and trying him on [I][B]just[/B][/I] a meat source (i.e. duck, rabbit, etc.) and then if that works out start adding veggies, other proteins, etc... but will it be bad for him if all I feed him is just one protein for however long until it gets better?

Thanks again, guys! I appreciate all the help... one day I'll get this!! :D

erykah1310 December 11th, 2009 12:12 PM

It sounds fine, however be careful with RMB's, really they should have more meat than bone or you will end up with "cement poo's"
if it comes out chalky, reduce the bone and add more meat.
thing with raw feeding, every one does it differently, I do not include veggies in my dogs meals on a regular basis, however they get tripe and have done well with that.
Another thing, I dont feed much beef, I find my dogs get "kibble like" on beef meals. By this I mean, minor things start to show up such as itchy paws ect. Not quite as bad as yeast infections but it doesnt take long for them to react to beef.
It takes several weeks for your dog to detox so to say , from the kibble so major results will be slow going for a bit.

erykah1310 December 11th, 2009 12:13 PM

Also, many raw feeders do not include eggs every day, but some do. The beauty of raw feeding is it is so easily tailored to YOUR dogs needs.
The poop will say it all, if you need more or less of something.

cassiek December 11th, 2009 02:54 PM

[QUOTE=erykah1310;859928]Also, many raw feeders do not include eggs every day, but some do. The beauty of raw feeding is it is so easily tailored to YOUR dogs needs.
The poop will say it all, if you need more or less of something.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, erykah! I realize I am probably being over-paranoid, its just difficult to change your whole mind set when you have fed kibble so long! :laughing:

I figured beef would be ideal for him?? :shrug: When I first started the raw, my local raw food store here (Tailblazers) suggested beef, as most dogs are allergic to the grains and poultry in commercial dog food. They said they have had great success feeding beef to dogs with allergies... does anyone else have a dog with allergies they are feeding raw? :shrug: And if so, what do you use? I was thinking maybe a novel protein he hasn't tried before... duck, rabbit etc. :dog:

Macomom December 11th, 2009 03:16 PM

We also like venison.

Etown_Chick December 28th, 2009 04:18 PM

it also depends what is available to you and what you can afford.
Scruff has allergies too, and seems to react to all birds. Well he hasn't caught a magpie yet!...but he reacts to chicken, turkey and duck.
Bison gives him the trots (the pre-made bison patties from the raw meat store).
Even the kelp mix I was adding to his beef gives him itchy-ear.
He does best on beef and my home-prepared super-de-duper veggie mix. Ok he may not need veggies but on just raw meat (plus bone/organ) he'd easily eat two pounds a day and that adds up in a hurry. Especially if you don't have a butcher or hunter in the family.
I can get darn near anything here but it can be pricy. Rabbit, game, bison go for way more than regular beef.

cassiek December 30th, 2009 01:51 AM

Grrrr, allergies are so frustrating! :wall:

I started him on beef, which he gobbled up for the first 2-3 weeks and then started flat out refusing it! I did a bit of "tough love" with him cause I believe if everytime a dog refuses to eat something and you give them something else, eventually they learn that whenever they don't like whats in their bowl if they are stubborn enough eventually you crack and give them what they want! However, it was starting to creep up on 2 days and he wasn't eating so I did cave and now we have switched to duck. He also did the same stint with bison. The duck seems to be going well so far though... I have reduced his steroid meds from the vet for his allergies down to every 2nd day instead of every day so hopefully it keeps up!! :pray:

I also have limited access to a hunter/butcher etc. and have very limited freezer space! I have 3 dogs on raw and have to jam all their food in the freezer on my fridge!! :wall: Although I can fit enough in there to stock them up for a few weeks, I don't have the luxury of being able to take TONS of meat at once, and I sometimes end up paying more for meat simply because they are running low and I have no choice... still we are managing!

I have limited selection here for different meats... although I can buy frozen duck patties with veg's, organ's etc. at my local raw food store for about $2.00/lb. I realize this is not super cheap, but it's not too terribly bad. And luckily the little guy doesn't eat much!!

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