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oudibebe August 13th, 2007 10:35 PM

Question for some vegetables for dogs
I have made dog food for my dogs for 4 months. I used to feed my dogs dry food that I bought from stores. The result for my 2 dogs is very good. Their feces are smaller and don't produce as much oder as before.

Surprisingly one of the dogs had a big lump on her chest that I have mentioned in another forum long time ago, but now the lump is getting smaller.

Last week we took our dogs to the vet to have second opinion, and the lump is just fat tissue and does no harm. Moreover, she hated to stand up with 2 legs but now she likes to do it.

Sometimes, I put tomato in the recipe. However, someone said tomatoes are bad for older dogs, especially older dogs have joint problem. But the vet said my dogs are very healthy as a 12 and a 9 schnauzers.

I have seen some dry dog food that added tomatoes and is for elder dogs as well. I wonder why.

I wonder if tomato is good or bad, or fine. I checked online that it says the green tomato and the leaves are harmful for dogs. However, as the fruit ripens, the tomatine is metabolized. it right? and is pepper bad for dogs?

Thank you.

mummummum October 2nd, 2007 04:52 AM

Tomatoes in the form of pomace is frequently used in some lesser brand kibble as added fibre to bulk up stools.

As far as I know tomatoes are just fine. If you are adding alot of tomatoes to their food, just bear in mind that if your are balancing the alkali to acid ratios for urinary tract health, they are an acidic fruit.

That's great news about the lipoma shrinking! Keep up the good work!

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