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NewGSDPUPOwner April 30th, 2009 09:26 PM

9 week old pup going out...
Hello there again!!!

I have two questions in relation to 'doing their job' and travelling.

As some of you may already know through my previous posts that I am expecting my new puppy end of May.

I was wondering at 9 weeks would I be able to take her across the street to pee and poo??? Or it it safer to keep her used to the back yard. Personally going across the street would be more convenient.. I am also wondering I would have to train her from the start as to her releiving spot, isn't it??

Second question:

I was trying to plan my weekend day trips with family - when would it be okay for me to take her out the earliest? eg. to the beach, parks etc..

She will have already got her second shots by the time she comes to me by the breeders vet.

Thanks in advance. This forum has been very helpful.

Etown_Chick April 30th, 2009 09:36 PM

My question would be, what's across the street? Is it someone else's yard? A parking lot? I think we need more info. My experience with dogs is that some days, it's just nice to let them out to do their when it's raining. If you train him to only go across the street, you're going with him, every single time.

Not sure about the other question; have never owned a pup that young.

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