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onecatandonedog October 16th, 2004 08:00 PM

I found a cat
I was bicycling in a forest and I found a not very old cat, and it had a name and phone number on it's tag, so i took it to the nearest building, which was a long, long walk and called the number and the person came and picked it up. If it didn't have a collar it is highly unlikely that the owner would have found the cat again. But remember the cat got home safely, so be happy. :)
Moral of the story: always have a collar with contact info on your cat or dog or other pet if you let it outside.

Bugsy October 16th, 2004 11:23 PM

It was very sweet of you to stop and help the kitty (clap clap :love: )
....and also very lucky the kitty let you help. :D

Cinnabear October 17th, 2004 01:31 AM

I betcha they were glad you took the time to retreive the cat. :) :) What a wonderful feeling that is.

cutiecherise October 17th, 2004 04:37 AM

Awe, you're so nice!
XP funny little story (and longer than it should be)

I had a cat on my doorstep once, with just a phone number on the tag.

The lady across the street came over to visit my gramma, and it was hanging around, and when she went back outside, it was waiting for her
(since she petted it)
And our neighbor insisted to me that it was "Hanging around"
and maybe it was lost.

I said,
"It will go home, its only been here a few minutes."
And gave it a pat, and went back inside.

Well my annoying neighbor SAT out there and petted the cat, went home for five minutes, it was still there
( of course! It loved being petted, and it was getting attention!)

so she just came back in and
the only way i could get her to SHUT UP was to call the number!

so i called the phone number on the tag


How embarrassing, saying, "yes, hi there, i have your cat" and she says

"OH my goodness, she's only been outside for ten minutes! Where is she????"

OF COURSE my annoying neighbor was RIGHT BEHIND ME so i couldn;t explain my situation to her,
and then she FOLLOWED ME OVER when i took the cat back,
so i STILL couldn't explain that i'd just been trying to get this intrusive senior off my case!

To this day she thinks i'm an anal freak.
She thought i was MAD that the cat was at my door!

now that was pretty embarrassing...

Joelle October 22nd, 2004 05:26 PM

Thalia is Crazy,

That's hysterical!!! LOL Poor you! Did you try to explain the situation at a later time? LOL That's what I would've done rather then look nuts with the neighbors...

Just a note...our cat's name and our LAST name, as well as the phone no. of the house is on his tag...LOL... :p Monty Jobin....sounds pretenious! Oh well, what can you do!? :rolleyes:

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