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Arri April 26th, 2013 01:50 PM

BC Newbie
Hello from my zoo. I have 1 dog, 4 cats, a bearded dragon, fish, 1 husband and a wonderful young son. I used to also have pet rats but my husband didn't like them made me rehome them :frustrated:
We just picked up 2 wee (7 week old) baby kitties last night. Poor things were literally born in a barn and have not been well socialized (yet) so they are kinda freaked out but, hopefully, with time, patience and love they will come around. One is solid blue/grey that my husband has named Smokey and they other is black/beige/brown tabby with a big sploosh of white on the face and is not named yet. Both are male and long haired. Anyway, thanks for reading my book, lol.

Jull April 26th, 2013 01:52 PM

Welcome! can't wait to see pics of your big furry family!

and thank you for rescuing these kittens :cloud9:

Dog Dancer April 26th, 2013 02:55 PM

Welcome to a fellow BCer Arri! Sounds like a nice family furry and non.
Yes, we do love pictures on this board and look forward to seeing yours.:D

hazelrunpack April 26th, 2013 07:12 PM

Welcome, Arri! I'll third that request for pics!! :D

Arri April 26th, 2013 09:26 PM

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The only decent pic I have is from the people we got them from. We have the solid grey and the tabby with the white face.

pbpatti April 27th, 2013 10:16 AM

Welcome Ari to Your kitties aer very sweet! :lovestruck: Looking forward to watching them grow up.

marko April 27th, 2013 10:25 AM

Welcome to the forum Arri :cat::cat::dog::dog: :highfive:

hazelrunpack April 27th, 2013 11:09 AM

Sweet kittens! :lovestruck:

Dog Dancer April 27th, 2013 12:07 PM

Very cute kitties. Keep the pics coming when you get them.

pattymac April 27th, 2013 10:17 PM

welcome and they are adorable..I probably would have taken them all!!! I have no willpower when it comes to kittens!

Barkingdog April 28th, 2013 11:37 AM

I had to LOL when you said you had 1 husband, I bet your husband is glad to know this. Your kittens are really cute and your family sound lovely .

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