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luckypenny April 25th, 2011 09:03 PM

[QUOTE=Goldfields;1006269]We had a visitor though who really was literally deaf to my warnings not to touch him, so she did pat him, and the minute she stopped, he bit her. [/QUOTE]

Oh, I was just telling a friend we have visitors like that too :frustrated:. I think it's even worse when friends believe us less than strangers do until one of the dogs gives them a warning on top of ours :rolleyes:.

14+kitties April 25th, 2011 09:25 PM

[QUOTE=Goldfields;1006255]Nice sweet cattle dogs do not conform to the Standard for the breed, 14+. Under CHARACTERISTICS it states 'Whilst [U]suspicious[/U] of strangers, must be amenable to handling in the show ring,'(some are not and judges have received nasty bites). Under EYES it states 'A [U]warning or suspicious glint [/U]is characteristic'. (Does that sound like a friendly dog? :shrug: ) They are essentially a one person dog, bred for guarding and working difficult wild cattle, not as pets, and if you've seen quite a number I can assure you, not as many as I have. :) [B] So, I will ignore the slur on my training[/B] and just say that cattle dogs being cattle dogs, you could stand safely next to mine if I'm on the end of the lead and concentrating, if you took liberties and treated them like they should be [U]your[/U] friend, different story, and if you visited my place , they were loose and we weren't there, unless you were very dog smart, you could get bitten. If you trod on one's foot or tail accidentally while it lay under a table at a cafe, well .....:D It would be MY fault if you are hurt for having taken it there! I still feel the CBD is no place for pets.[/QUOTE]

:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: Where did I say anything at all about your training? This is about the Cattle Dogs in Australia and the perception you yourself have given people about their demeanor. It has absolutely nothing at all to do with [I]your[/I] training.
Maybe that's the difference between the dogs bred for show and those that are [I]just pets[/I]. Maybe there isn't that expectation from them to "have that glint in their eye". :shrug:

Goldfields April 26th, 2011 02:08 AM

[QUOTE=luckypenny;1006282]Oh, I was just telling a friend we have visitors like that too :frustrated:. I think it's even worse when friends believe us less than strangers do until one of the dogs gives them a warning on top of ours :rolleyes:.[/QUOTE]

Ummm, LP, I meant our friend here was literally deaf, i.e. had a hearing problem. So embarrassing. She just didn't hear my warning. Oops! Maybe I should have mimed it? :) Anyway, she let him jump up, she patted him and before I could do anything his feet hit the ground and she was bitten. I think her husband was annoyed by her deafness and having this happen. :D He shouldn't have been because the outward appearance of the dog would have fooled anyone into thinking he was friendly.

14+, this, below, seems to mean training IMO.
Do you raise your cattle dogs differently than here in my little part of the world? [end Quote]

To suggest there is one way of breeding for show dogs or pets is wrong, they all carry the same genes. We try to breed for correct temperament I suppose, and value it because of how fearless and strong minded this breed has to be for working and guarding . I know that one year a Judge at our Melbourne Royal show annoyed everyone by choosing the friendliest, lick your face type of young male as her winner, while all the exhibitors said that was NOT true cattle dog temperament!
You should take a look at the American forums for ACD enthusiasts and the very serious and severe warnings occassionally handed out to newbies joining and asking if this breed would suit them and their lifestyle. A lot only want pets. Point is that I read about the American dogs and laugh, they could be writing about my own. They do have a heck of a lot going for them too you know or they wouldn't be so darn popular.

Klipava April 26th, 2011 11:47 AM

all breeds can bite
I own a husky/lab mix, I believe he is very well socialized to all people and dogs. He is over 3, and has never bit anyone. He loves children and only wants to lick and be petted. I have two children who have never had any reason to be afraid of dogs, I however have been bit. Saying all this, I have tought my children and I practice, never to approach any dog of any size unless you have permission from the owner. A dog in pain, a misstreated dog etc do have the potential to attack. No one knows this until its too late.
In this case, the dog was likely nervous..they are a nervous breed and should not have been put in a cart in a noisy store. The owner should have left the dog at home. From what I understand the dog does not like to be left alone..go figure what dog does? The store should have stuck with the policy of no dogs. So here we go, who do we blaim? The store, the owner, the person bit or the dog? I think that it was an unfortuanate event..the owner I am sure has learned to keep her dog at home, the lady bit; will never go near an unknown dog again and the store has put a total ban on dogs (unless service dogs)
Should we ban the breed? No. Should that dog be put down, no! The owner is being fined.

Luvmypitgirls April 26th, 2011 03:16 PM

then there's the double standard of what dogs are "allowed".
Years ago we were at Home Depot and noticed several little dogs in the store with their owners. So we decided to bring our Am Staff during our next visit, we were promptly stopped at the doors and told that no way were we bringing "That" dog into the store.
When we mentioned other dogs in the store, we were told "oh well, those dogs don't pose a threat"..:eek: ohhhh really! Guess that reasoning was just blown out of the water with this incident.
Recenty I went to our local Costco, I noticed two individuals with little dogs tucked into their coats. I went to customer service and asked why dogs were permitted in the store that were obviously not service dogs, and was told that dogs weren't allowed. I told them there were two dogs in the store and that I was pretty sure if I had tucked my Pitbull into my coat I most certainly wouldn't have been permitted in. The greeter/customer counter, was called over and asked how people with dogs were allowed in and she said "oh they are just little things and the owners have them tucked in their coats so they won't pee in the store"...I asked her, if she would have allowed me in with my Pitbull tucked in my coat , she rolled her eyes and said "oh don't be ridiculous"...:laughing:
I had to laugh and walk away..
I seen the two ppl with their dogs 1/2 hours or so later at the checkout, they were never asked to remove their dogs from the store, just told not to bring them again.

erykah1310 April 26th, 2011 03:21 PM

A very typical double standard again when it comes to small dogs.:wall:

Love4himies April 26th, 2011 05:31 PM

[QUOTE=erykah1310;1006472]A very typical double standard again when it comes to small dogs.:wall:[/QUOTE]

So true.

Melinda April 26th, 2011 05:40 PM

I need a "thumbs up or like" button *L* to be honest, I'd bend to pet a large dog before I'd attempt the same with a small dog

luckypenny April 26th, 2011 08:50 PM

[QUOTE=Goldfields;1006363]Ummm, LP, I meant our friend here was literally deaf, i.e. had a hearing problem. So embarrassing. [/QUOTE]

Yes it is. Terribly embarrassing :o. :laughing: I should read a little more carefully next time :rolleyes:.

Bailey_ April 26th, 2011 09:59 PM

[QUOTE=CRC;1006240]Have you worked on training your dog to deal with men? Have you tried a professional. This seems like an accident waiting to happen.

Our dog was like this when she first arrived here.....she disliked men although she wasn't aggressive toward them. It took a lot of time and effort to train her that men were can be done.[/QUOTE]

Actually CRC, I work with dogs as my living; which is how Tippy came to us in the first place. :)

I agree however, if there is ever a situation where we are unsure of our dog behavior, contacting a proffessional is certainly the right route before accidents happen. :thumbs up

Melinda May 11th, 2011 05:59 AM

The biting dog gets to live.


The city’s bylaw department is allowing the Shih Tzu that ripped out a chunk of a Home Depot employee’s nose to live.

“I’m happy because he’s not a vicious dog,” said owner Odette Fournier.

Home Depot greeter Anne Riel was attacked by Spot on April 15 while working at the east-end store.

Riel wanted the dog put down after needing seven stitches and surgery.

Riel said her nose is healing but the mental scars are not.

“The nightmares are horrid,” said Riel. “Emotionally, I’m just burnt to a crisp.”

Riel — a single mom of two — said she’s missed a lot of work.

Despite signs saying otherwise, pets were frequently allowed inside the big-box store.

About a week after the incident, the company issued a statement saying it would ban pets from all stores in Canada.

Meanwhile, the city’s bylaw department handed Fournier a $610 fine.

Fournier, 65, was also ordered to keep her 12-year-old dog, Spot, muzzled at all times in public.

“Mon chien is not too happy,” about the muzzle, said Fournier, who is contesting the charges.

“He can only wear it for 30 minutes at a time.”

Fournier said a court date has not been set.



claw July 13th, 2011 02:50 AM

It sucks that the greeter got attacked, however i think she is being a little too dramatic about it. For one thing, i don't think her nose even looks that bad, and for another i think it's really harsh to suggest that the dog should be put down when she doesn't even know the owner or the dog. She's talking like she was attacked by a bear or another large wild animal, but it was only a small dog. I honestly think she needs to get over it.

Melinda July 13th, 2011 04:15 AM

she does know the woman and her nose was bad, she's awaiting the second reconstructive surgery now.

Dog Dancer July 13th, 2011 11:00 AM

I can totally understand why the lady who was attacked would want the dog put down. Not all people are dog lovers like most of us, and if I was not a dog lover and was attacked I'd feel the same way. I honestly can't say what I would do if one of my dogs bit somebody in the face. Biting is just not something I would really want to put up with - unprovoked biting anyhow. But the owner of the dog is off base crying because her dog is unhappy with being muzzled. I think that's very fair given the circumstances. She should be happy the courts didn't order the dog destroyed, and has nobody to blame but herself given the circumstances.

claw July 13th, 2011 11:36 AM

I'm in no way supporting any side of the story. I think both people, the greeter and the older woman are at fault somehow. The fact that the owner of the dog just ran away and didn't make sure the greeter was alright is ridiculous.

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