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keasty October 2nd, 2012 01:44 PM

Petmate Infinity Feeders?
Hi All!

Does anybody have any experience with the infinity feeder from petmate? I think it was formally known as Le Bistro.

Here's the link: [url][/url]

Thanks :)

sugarcatmom October 2nd, 2012 11:03 PM

No personal experience, but I think these kinds of feeders are a totally bad idea. For one, it doesn't take long for the kibble to go rancid in them due to prolonged exposure to air and light. Secondly, it makes it very difficult to monitor how much your cat is eating on a daily basis, so you miss out on one of the most crucial indicators of your cat's state of health. And lastly, but maybe most importantly, dry food should not be the mainstay of any cat's diet, if it's even fed at all. Read about the reasons why at this wonderful site, written by a vet: [url][/url]

Oops! I just took another look at your link and realized that particular model delivers measured portions, so disregard the part about monitoring food intake as I suppose it would be possible in this case. Although if it's being used to feed cats while one is away from home, then my statement still applies. I personally think a safer option is to hire a pet sitter or neighbour to come in at least once a day to check on the cat(s) and scoop the litter box, but that's just me.

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