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delorean December 22nd, 2012 06:10 PM

New to the forum, Had a great experience I Just wanted to share!
Hi Everyone,

My name is Justin and I live in Surrey, BC. I have a 8 month old female Collie/mix puppy named Bella. I know in know, what a common name....LOL I didn't choose it my girlfriend did.

When we picked up Bella at 10 weeks she immediately started to show signs of insecurities, specifically towards strangers. She was fine with us but when she meets someone new, that's it she wants to flight. Also, she started to develop fears towards skateboards,bikes, buses, carts, and pretty much anything which has similar sounds or movements.

We've tried several methods found online with little improvements. Then we hired a positive reinforcement trainer for a consultation. She provided some great information and details on how to work on those fears using only positive reinforcements.

Unfortunately, we tried our best to implement those positive reinforcement methods but did not notice much of a result besides an increased appetite for treats and a decreased appetite for food!

At this point we started to feel a bit overwhelmed and discouraged. We really care about Bella and want only the best for her.

We started to watch the dog Whisperer, PVR'd all the episodes and watched it over and over again. As we stated to apply Ceaser's methods slowly things started to change a bit. She's not as freaked out when someone new approaches her as long as they keep there distance and don't pay too much attention to her. Carts don't bother her much, however buses and skateboards still effect her negatively.

Recently, we got the opportunity to meet with a Canine Behaviour specialist named Michael Bylo. We were so lucky to have this opportunity because he really knows what he's talking about and his techniques are one with Ceaser Millans.

The very first time he saw Bella he simply assessed her situation and us. The next time he saw her he took her for a bike ride and I was BLOWN AWAY!!!!

Bella beside a bike....? What the... is this for real!!

An hour later Bella came home with Michael Bylo and his Dogs. I just couldn't believe my eyes. Bella is getting comfortable with a complete stranger. WOW!

In only one hour, Bella was beside a bike and with a complete stranger.

She still has a lot to work on but for the most part there was an immediate improvement.

I just wanted to share my experience with Michael Bylo's expertise and that I'm looking forward to get more help from him.

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If not, just look him up on Google.

I'll update on Bella's improvements as well.


pbpatti December 22nd, 2012 09:32 PM

Welcome, this is wonderful news for you and Bella. Amazing isn't it how dogs can turn around and gain confidence. NOW!!!!! Pictures are so important to us that you gotta post some of Bella so we can see how smart she is. :crazy::angel:

Dog Dancer December 22nd, 2012 10:46 PM

Good to hear you found something that works for Bella and you. Welcome to the board, we look forward to updates and pics.

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