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JonahNovaScotia August 12th, 2014 07:55 PM

doggy DNA test
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Hi! So I adopted a dog from SC. He was listed as a lab mix. I figured he was lab/ amstaff or lab/ boxer. Out of pure curiosity I decided to order a dna test from I got the results back and they are not at all what I expected...It came back that he has between 20-36% Collie 20-36% French Bulldog, 10-20% American bulldog and 10-20% Schnauzer!! has anyone else used a dog dna test?? Thanks

Longblades August 12th, 2014 10:06 PM

Phooey, can't see the photo. Please fix. :)

I know people who have tested known purebreds with several generations of ancestors registered and had the results come back as mixed breed. The tests are fun but the data base used seems to influence the results.

However, remember your high school genetics classes? The F1 generation of two different parents will resemble one or the other. So a Lab x Collie might look mostly like one or the other. It can look like one but have received genes determining behaviour from the other. Remember to consider pup's temperament, personality and behaviours when thinking of which breeds are in the mix, not just appearance. That's part of the fun of mixes, guessing what the background is. :)

ETA: Now I see the photo. He's pretty young, you'll have a better idea when he is full grown. Sure looks like there is Lab there though. How about a photo of him standing, taken sideways from his level? Like photos you see of show dogs? We'd get a better look then.

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