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Dsfishin July 27th, 2013 06:26 AM

Pet Bylaws
Thinking of getting a pet? You should always start by checking local city bylaws.
There are laws in place in all cities about pets and the owners responsibility.

Here is an example of one for felines:

No person shall have more than six (6) cats in any residential dwelling unit within the City.
Section does not apply to:
a premises licensed under the provisions of municipal by-law and operated for the purpose of breeding or boarding;
an animal hospital owned and operated by a veterinarian licensed by the Ontario Veterinarian Association;
a pet store licensed in accordance with the provision s of municipal by-laws;
a shelter or pound of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; or,
cats under the age of six (6) months.
[B]No owner of a cat shall allow his cat to run at large.[/B]
No owner of a cat shall allow his cat to trespass on private property even when on a leash.
No owner of a cat shall allow a leash to extend beyond a length of six (6) feet and such leash must be held or restrained by a competent person who can reasonably control the cat.
Any person may capture any cat running at large on his property and may contain such cat for delivery to the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer or other duly appointed officer, who may impound the said cat. For the purpose of this section “contain” shall include but not be limited to the cat being held within a container such as a cat carrier, small room in the home not occupied by obstructions so as to prevent the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer from retrieving the cat etc.
No person shall use a live trap to capture a cat.

If your cat goes missing check with animal control first.
Make sure you license your pet.

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