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twelveday November 2nd, 2011 03:49 AM

Dog to vet yesterday got an enema, tonight has bloody rectal discharge.
Yesterday we took our chihuahua Goldie to the vet to get checked because she hasnt made BM in 3 days and seems weak/yelps when we reposition her, she wasnt as active. X-rays at the vet showed clogged digestive tract sowe had an enema done on her. When we went to pick her up she looked fine, there was no discharge ont he way home, she started walking around when we brought her home and made liquidy poo, once on purpose I think, and one where she was just standing and it came out it looked like without her wanting it to. She's a house dog and sleeps in the bed with my mom in her own blanket. Well during the evening she was put in her blanket and layed there, she doesn't move much I thought just because she was recovering from the enema, but when I went to move her she was laying in some of her own fluids, It didnt smell like poo and it was a little bit bloody with red color but not as much, the surprising thing is she just layed there and didnt move while it was leaking out from her and she wasnt uncomfortable or is she so weak that she doesnt care to move anymore? She looks alert when i call her name or go to pet her but she isnt as active or moves alot as she usually does. She is laying next to me at the moment and every now and then I check and there is still seepage, its more reddish in color and kind of globular/ not fully liquidy blood. Im worried and scared for my dog right now but theres not much I can do I just spent 300$ at the vet today and have not much money right now. She's been with our family for abotu 10 years now we've had her since she was a puppy but 3 weeks ago she was active, jumping on beds and everything and recently she has been weak, doesnt seem to make the effort to get up and drink from her bowl if shes thirsty, and seems to just sit/lay instead of getting up to go pee/poo if she needs to. Usually she repositions herself to comfortable position when she lays down to go to sleep but now she just stays in the position we place her in and doesnt move much. =( the bloody seepage is scaring me, I've searched so many places for answers and there is not many clear answers I can find. I plan to call the vet as soon as they open and ask about this, right now it is 1AM where I live and im just scared for my dog who i love so much.

hazelrunpack November 2nd, 2011 10:51 AM

twelveday, I would be treating this as an emergency. [B]If you haven't already, please get her into a vet on an emergency basis. [/B]

I hope Goldie is okay. Please keep us posted on how she's doing!

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