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ohyasayswho September 21st, 2011 01:31 PM

Parvo recovery questions
Any and all suggestions / opinions / experience shared would be great.
I have a 9 week old Shep / lab (female) which was recently released from the vet hospital after 5 days recovering from parvo. She has regained her appetite, bm's (how say I say this.....) re-forming, drinking and begining to play. Med's are being continued at home. Steady improvement all around (fingers crossed).
She, Luna has not had any of her shots yet. The vet wants to wait until she has two weeks recovery under her belt before exposing / stressing her system. She will have a worm treatment next Monday which is a full week after her release. I was informed to wait until after her shots before exposing her to public places, for her sake and other dogs. I have a walkway in between my building and the next structure which I take her out to "do her business" which has continued her house training.
Here's my thoughts / concerns;
a) while beginning to gain weight she is still drastically underweight, i can almost count ribs when she is standing and have a urge to play the Xylophone when she's lying down.
b) she has not been exposed to other dogs since week 6 ( her litter mates), so she lacks socialization and she's in a very formative stage. Two more weeks without dog interaction concerns me regarding the long-term adaptation / maturation process. Thoughts?
c) Time will tell however, are there any long-term G.I. health concerns?
d) Luna is eating a special G.I. diet, canned which I will gradually introduce and switch to hard. Anyone have experience with a parvo diet? In general is a long or short-term?

Now, I understand and appreciate that each case is individual. That I will continue to receive sound advice from the vet's who treated her. Anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

mikischo September 23rd, 2011 02:57 PM

Sorry, I don't have any advice. Just bumping the thread back to the top so others will see it.

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