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Prin August 7th, 2005 01:19 AM

Who's your favorite author?
Looks like unsleepy Prin has another "question of the night"... :D

Who is your favorite author?

Like if you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring all the books written by one author, who would the author be? (And don't ask me why you can bring so many books and no clean underwear. I don't know why. I didn't make the rules. :D )

Prin August 7th, 2005 01:30 AM

Oh, like I hinted in the insomnia thread, mine would be Roald Dahl. No matter how old I get, I can still read the books like I'm little. :) The best one is the BFG, but according to the rules (which I did not make up ;) ), I get to bring them all. :D

Karin August 7th, 2005 05:03 AM

Carl Hiaasen, check out [url][/url]. I just started reading Skinny Dip.

My all time favorite so far has been Sick Puppy, but all of his books are great!

BMDLuver August 7th, 2005 07:26 AM

I haven't much time for reading any longer with the kids but I was quite hooked on Anne Rice for a very long time.

chico2 August 7th, 2005 07:54 AM

Well,I am a mystery-freak,I have many favourites but here are three..
Jonathan Kellerman,Faye Kellerman,Joy Fielding and I've read ALL their books!
Nonfiction,I like to read about wolves and other creatures..

Puppyluv August 7th, 2005 08:36 AM

OOOO I like this one... sooo tough though... I LOVE Carl Hiaasen... so witty. And Roald Dahl and soo many others :p But my favorite author of all time? Chris Van Allsburg. Hands down, no contest! :D

Rick C August 7th, 2005 09:08 AM

If I were stranded on a desert island, in order, I would want the collected works of:

1) Isaac Asimov - imagination
2) Agatha Christie - mystery and intrigue
3) Lawrence Sanders - bodice rippers

Rick C

AliSam August 7th, 2005 12:25 PM

[COLOR=Blue]I enjoy John Grisham, Nicholas Sparks and I do read Danielle Steel's mush as well.[/COLOR]

melanie August 7th, 2005 04:35 PM

ony 1, but i have so many.... oh...

ok if only 1 then all of my stephen king collection, if i can have more because when i got stranded on the islandi had a big bag than the others, then i owuld have Miles Franklin, John Saul and Anne Rice to start with...oh and any of the NEd Kelly authors too..

anything patriotic or scary generally does me :D

Prin August 7th, 2005 05:16 PM

LOL Mel- I'm picturing you late at night, reading Stephen King by the light of the moon on the beach of your desert island and even the slightest noise making you jump out of your skin. :evil:

CyberKitten August 7th, 2005 08:41 PM

I'd put a whole plethora of authors on a PDA (and bring as generator). Ok, if that's not allowed, I like the Kellermans too, Stephen White of late, Mary Daheim, Andrew Greeley, Shirley Rousseau Murphy (who can pass up cats who solve mysteries - like Koko and YumYum too of course), JA Jance - the Joanna Brady series, Kathy Recihs and Patricia Cornwell. For starters... lol

Prin August 7th, 2005 08:59 PM

Nope, CK. That won't do. You have to CHOOSE. Tee hee hee. :evil: (Hey! Like I said, I don't make the rules. :D )

Writing4Fun August 7th, 2005 09:18 PM

Hmmm...I'd have to say Tolkien. Yeah, I know, not nearly as enlightened as the rest of you. But, hey, it works for me. And, if I'm going to be stranded somewhere, I'll be losing my mind anyway - might as well lose it in a good fantasy/fairytale. :D That way, when the rescue boat finds me, I can greet them in style. Ye knaves! Encroaching upon elvish land! Begone, else I shall call upon the ancient magic of the Elders and bring doom upon thy heads! :crazy:

Prin August 7th, 2005 09:19 PM

Enlightened? Roald Dahl is worse than Tolkien for enlightenment, I think. :o

Puppyluv August 7th, 2005 09:23 PM

I chose a childrens' book author for goodness sakes! Certainly no enlightenment there :p

Prin August 7th, 2005 09:26 PM

LOL (Other than Roald Dahl, I don't know who the rest of yours are...)

Puppyluv August 7th, 2005 09:29 PM

:eek: [url][/url]

twinmommy August 7th, 2005 09:30 PM

Cinderella, Winnie the poo, and Caillou.

OH!! You mean big people books!!! Well, when I had the time to read I liked Nelson Demille, Tami Hoag, James Patterson, Stephen King( although, not a fan of the recent stuff...) and the occasional Maeve Binchy when I was in the mood for somethig light.

raingirl August 7th, 2005 09:41 PM

Hard Question. Used to be Stephen King...but I think he's loosing it a little.

I like Neil Gaimen..


He writes really interesting fantasy sci-fi stuff. He also has a couple kids books (Coraline, THe day I swapped my dad for 2 goldfish, the wolves in the wall).

My BF introduced me to him when we first started going out. He lent me a book called "Star Dust". It's an illustrated Novel about a fallen star. Very cute.

Other books of his I HIGHYLY recommend are [U]Neverwhere [/U](about a secret underground world in London), [U]American Gods [/U](about how when people worship an idol, they become real, and about the son of a god..Odin actually, hence our dogs name, and how he gets involved in a war of the gods), and [U]Good Omens ([/U]Hilarious, about the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, and how the child of the devil, the one who will bring down civilization, is switched at birth).

Neverwhere was made into a movie..not that great though.

There is a movie coming out which is a joint effort between Neil Gaimen (writer), Dave McKean (drawings) and Jim Henson Studios, called [URL=]MirrorMask[/URL]. Here is a link to the preview.

(click on trailor in upper left side)

Prin August 7th, 2005 09:47 PM

[QUOTE=Puppyluv]:eek: [url][/url][/QUOTE]
That's NUTS!! Fritz... :D Ohhh he wrote the polar express!

Puppyluv August 7th, 2005 09:54 PM

I LOVE Fritz!!! he's in all the books!! They really are exquisite books though, both the stories and the illustrations are breathtaking!!!

Puppyluv August 7th, 2005 09:55 PM

yeah and Jumanji!
See people know him.. they just don't realize it.

Prin August 7th, 2005 09:56 PM

Did you ever read the Minpins? (Roald Dahl) The drawings in that one are pretty nuts too.

Puppyluv August 7th, 2005 09:59 PM

I did! I can't think of a Roald Dahl book I haven't read actually...I'm still a fan of his short stories.

Prin August 7th, 2005 10:03 PM

There are still some adult Dahl books I haven't read. I read Flying Solo, but that's about it.

db7 August 7th, 2005 10:12 PM


Puppyluv August 7th, 2005 10:13 PM

Ok having just looked at an enitre bibliography... there are A LOT of RD books I haven't read
Have you ever seen the RD cookbook? It's sooooo cool :D

Prin August 7th, 2005 10:26 PM

DId you go to [URL=][/URL]? It's so weird- I'm having a hard time navigating it...

Jazz&Cricket August 7th, 2005 10:45 PM

Let's see....first it would be David Eddings.....then it would be Jack Whyte....then Patricia Kenneally Morrison....then Morgan Llewellyn....then Stephen Lawhead...... sorry....was I only allowed one??? ;)

Barbie6171 August 7th, 2005 11:06 PM

I would have to take Danielle Steele because I love those mushy romance novels.... :p

CyberKitten August 7th, 2005 11:09 PM

Well if we are bringing childrens' books, can I bring my Nancy Drew series? I have each and every one - call me a major pack rat.

Prin August 7th, 2005 11:15 PM

LOL I have never read Nancy Drew. But then again, I didn't read much when I was little. If Roald Dahl didn't write so well, such that even kids with no attention span like me can read them, I probably wouldn't know how to write... :D

Writing4Fun August 8th, 2005 09:08 AM

Sorry, never read Ronald Dahl or Nancy Drew or Robert Munsch (I had a deprived childhood). :o Never heard of most of those other authors you all have mentioned (that's why I said "enlightened"). Danielle Steele? I wouldn't exactly call her "mushy". I can't believe the pain and suffering she puts her heroines through! :eek: Sometimes I think she seriously hates them! I liked her books, don't get me wrong. They're just some of the gloomiest things I've ever read, until the very last couple of pages. The only "children's books" I'd be able to survive with on a desert island would be the Harry Potter series.

Kariia August 8th, 2005 09:44 AM

Tolkien. I'd bring all my Tolkien books (read:everything he's ever written and some biographies) and my Elvish dictionary.

And I would bring a few Roald Dahl books too. xD

jjgeonerd August 8th, 2005 10:24 AM

Kurt Vonnegut. Cat's Cradle is one of the all-time great books IMO. Slaughterhouse Five also a great book.

kandy August 8th, 2005 12:51 PM

If I could only choose one - it would have to be Dean Koontz. I think I have every book he's ever written. I also own all of Stephen Kings books, lots of John Saul, Anne Rice, and Brian Lumley for all the scarey stuff. On the lighter side I love Anne McCaffrey (books about a world that humans have inhabited - and engineered talking dolphins and dragons that fight 'thread' - a parasite that comes from the sky) - and Jean Auel (Pre-historic novels - Clan of the Cave Bear).

My hubby hates when I read - I tune everything else out and he can be hollering at me for ten minutes before I finally go - huh, did you say something? :p Obviously he's not a reader, unless it's Penthouse! :cool:

Prin August 8th, 2005 01:03 PM

[QUOTE=Writing4Fun]Sorry, never read Ronald Dahl or Nancy Drew or Robert Munsch (I had a deprived childhood). :o [/QUOTE] Can you read just one Roald Dahl book? You can't live life without knowing what it's all about. Ok, that's a bit dramatic, but these books are so imaginary and easy to read from start to finish in one sitting. If you do read one, read the BFG. Have you seen the Charlie and the Chocolate factory movie? (there's the one from the 70's that isn't so great, but then there is the new one with Johnny Depp that they tried to make more "true" to the book.) The books are so fun and so weird.. :)

Luvmypit August 8th, 2005 01:15 PM

Dean Koontz, JOhn Irving (a widow for one year),

I have book a read called "shes come undone"... i cant think of the author but I enjoyed two of her books... I loved Shes come undone!

I remember books more then authors... Lovely bones is another one. Awesome book.

Right now i am starting another dean koontz read as they are quick and fun to read novels.
After that my mom gave me this hard cover called Cane River about slavery which I can't wait to read.

Some books I start and never finish. I know its agood book when I cant put it down. It will take me 3 days to finish...

Writing4Fun August 8th, 2005 01:21 PM

[QUOTE=kandy]On the lighter side I love Anne McCaffrey (books about a world that humans have inhabited - and engineered talking dolphins and dragons that fight 'thread' - a parasite that comes from the sky) - and Jean Auel (Pre-historic novels - Clan of the Cave Bear).

My hubby hates when I read - I tune everything else out and he can be hollering at me for ten minutes before I finally go - huh, did you say something? :p Obviously he's not a reader, unless it's Penthouse! :cool:[/QUOTE]
I used to loooove McCaffrey. Some of the later books in the Dragonriders' series started to get a little dull, like after the Harper died and the Weirleaders started getting old and the kids grew up. Have you read The Rowan? Again, first book was great - the rest, not so much. I read Clan of the Cave Bear and that series ages and ages ago. Again, the first one was great, the rest were blah.

Yeah, I'm the same way when I'm reading. :p Hubby can't stand it either. For him, it's not worth reading unless it's a comparo in a bike mag, or an instruction manual. :rolleyes:

Prin: Guess I'll have to give Dahl a shot at least once in my life (although I've made it this far without anyone in my family knowing who he is :p ). Nope, never saw the Charlie movie, either one. Which one is BFG? Maybe that'll be the one that finally turns my 6yr old on to reading (he's his father's son, through and through). :fingerscr

Prin August 8th, 2005 01:29 PM

1 Attachment(s)
It's the Big Friendly Giant. It's about how within a group of man-eating giants, there was one who didn't believe that eating people was right, so he suffered without eating them and ate putrid Snozzcumbers instead. He catches dreams with a butterfly net and blows them into little kids' rooms at night. He distroys all the nightmares he catches. :) I think your son should give these books a try. They're great. They're almost novel size, around 200 pages each, but they're really written to grab your attention. :) Like I said, I barely read anything growing up but I read nearly all his books. If he wants to go to Charlie and the Chocolate factory, you can make him read the book first before he is allowed to go. :)

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