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pvanvors December 6th, 2017 02:56 PM

Can't Adjust to New Move - Separation Anxiety - Please help!
Hi there,

So I recently moved to a new city and into an apartment. Before this, my 6 year old lab was living with my parents in a home with three other dogs. Knowing that I was not only taking her to a new area, but taking her away from her other dogs - I knew it would be an adjustment, but not this bad.

She's had a habit of hating separation since we adopted her. She ate through crates and couldn't stand being in a different room than us when we were around. After destroying much furniture and exhausting our efforts, we allowed her free access to the whole house and as long as she had another dog with her, she made it through the workday okay.

Now that she's by herself in my apartment, I can't get her in control. I have furniture, toys, and other things from my parent's place to help her feel more at home yet everytime I come home she's peed or pooped all over the floor, chewed up new furniture, scratches the walls, and has been crying and barking all throughout the day.

I've gotten her a separation anxiety jacket, have proxac medication for her, gotten the sour apple spray for my furniture, and come home every day for lunch but it doesn't seem to be getting better.

I don't know if having someone come walk her when I'm gone will help ease her into this new change or if it's better to just have her adjust to me being gone and just trying to get her into the new routine.

She's a great, calm dog when she's around someone else but just absolutely FREAKS when she's alone. Please help!

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