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bobbid June 16th, 2002 05:02 PM

lactating mom
our dog had 6 pups 3 weeks ago. All fine and healthy. Today she is not eating and very lethargic. We introduced the pups to some gruel to begin the weaning process thinking she may be getting drained. Should we be concerned? Also her heart rate is about 120 and slightly irregular. Feels quite strong in her chest.
Thanks in advance.

petdr June 28th, 2002 08:02 AM

The mom and pups should have had a check up within the first week of giving birth to ensure both her and her pups' health. This will also ensure that on exam, there are no pups remaining inside of her and she does not need a c-section etc. Only reason for mentioning this is that if there is a puppy still inside, she would progressively become more and more sick, although I would have expected to show symptoms about 2 weeks ago. I would still recommend you speak to your Veterinarian to have her checked out for a possible mastitis - due to milk buildup in her mammary glands that are filling up with milk and becoming infected, as well as have a poop sample checked for parasites.

Even if these are not one of the causes, I would check her out to be on the safe side. Severe complications can occur at any time although it is not impossible that appetite loss and lethargy may be as a result of hormonal change.

Good luck.

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