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marko October 11th, 2019 12:32 PM

Backyard adventure continues
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This summer we found ourselves with 4-6 feral cats in our backyard. With the help of the SPCA we trapped, spay/neutered and released 4 cats.

My wife Carmy built 4 shelters for the cats....but we haven't seen them except for 1 guy... who was using the shelters....but was still getting beaten up at night.... so slowly but surely.....he's easing his way into our hearts and home.
The bum.

hazelrunpack October 11th, 2019 04:00 PM

Oh, what a little sweetie!! :lovestruck: Poor fella! But he's just realizing how his fortunes have changed for the better! :cloud9:

Is he inside full-time now? What does the rest of your pride think of him?

(Those shelters are, btw, the Bomb!!! I'm surprised you're not getting more takers, although that may change the colder the weather gets.)

Barkingdog October 11th, 2019 04:40 PM

What a beautiful cat! I saw a cat
carrying a kitten in her mouth but I was
able to follow
it bc of my poor balance!😤😭

Winston October 11th, 2019 07:25 PM

Marko he is beautiful!!! He looks like he is from a trap and release program from the looks of his ear. Or maybe he just gets in too many fights :laughing:
I know in Southern Ontario we have trap an release of feral cats and thats how they identify the ones that have been trapped , fixed and then released back.

Is he comfortable with human interaction..

P.S Carmy excellent job on the shelters!!! you will find more takers once it gets real cold....


marko October 12th, 2019 10:35 AM

Thanks for all the comments -
Yup, that HUGE ear mark is the mark the SPCA makes when they sterilize feral cats.

and YUP those shelters are great - Carmy worked hard on them. Each box is insulated with reflective styrofoam and all seams taped with heavy duty Tuck tape.

Someone dumped this cat in July as part of their move :yell: This cat is WELL socialized and likes us and our cats.... His fighting skills are crap though...and it broke our hearts to see terrible wounds on this face and ears every day.... so now he sleeps in our basement and spends a good part of the day in our home. I suspect once it gets cold out there....he'll be inside full time.

QUESTION - Peaches asks to go out quite a bit...and we are obliging a few times a day. Do you think he wants to go outside to play.....? probably I think... But is he also wanting to go out to defend his 'territitory'?

Thx! :grouphug:

Reg October 12th, 2019 09:45 PM

I like the shelters Carmy made, they should last a few years by the looks of this one. :thumbs up

This new guy sure looks content, and at home. I hope he is able to push a little harder on the heartstrings, and become a permanent resident.

Maybe something to think about Marko is to build a kitty condo. This would allow him out into the backyard, and he wouldn't be wandering the streets getting into fights. Something else that might work if you people have the time is to train him on a leash and take him walking for his safety, and your peace of mind.

Peaches! I think that's a neat name, it suits his colouring. Now you will just have to find cream to keep him company. :laughing:

hazelrunpack October 13th, 2019 12:17 PM

JD asks to go out, especially in warm weather. I think inside environments are relatively 'sensory anemic' for cats. JD has adapted well to being indoors, but still likes to go out and bask in the sun, sniff the wind, and watch for critters and creepy crawlers. I'm unwilling to let him roam outside on his own, so we harness trained him. He's usually ready to come in after 20 minutes to a half hour, and we don't usually cover more than 100 feet of the backyard, but he's always much mellower after his walks. :D

He doesn't like wet feet, though, so on rainy days or snowy days, he won't go out. That means he's inside all winter, which is hard for him, but it makes spring walks all the sweeter.

I have to say, though, that getting a cat trained to harness is not a piece of cake. It's a little like herding goats...or herding cats, for that matter :laughing: I'd forgotten how 'entertaining' the training can be until we got Dusty. She's a work in progress, but at least I have JD around to remind me that it [I]can[/I] be done. :D

marko October 15th, 2019 08:15 AM

I think the harness is a great idea! Gonna try one soon! :highfive:

Barkingdog October 16th, 2019 12:23 AM

A neighbor if mine walked her cat on a harness
and the poor cat hated it bc he didn't feel safe
having no way to escape from danger. We have coyotes and foxes around our
condo. They moved and left their cat behind!😤😤I tried to get it come to me but it was too f frighten 😞 I was able to pet it before he was

growler~GateKeeper October 26th, 2019 04:53 PM

Welcome to the :cat: family Peaches!! Now your male - female ratio is in balance :laughing::D

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