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marko August 10th, 2007 09:07 AM

Signs of pregnancy in cats and dogs
To all newcomers - Welcome.

Most members on this forum are VERY pro spay/neuter and are against backyard breeding, and as one of the ADMINS I always like members to encourage spaying or neutering in a diplomatic way.

We also try to encourage others NOT to put 2 dogs or cats together just to have some cute kittens or puppies because straight up, THOUSANDS of these types of kittens/puppies or the children of these puppies and kittens end up in shelters where they are euthanized (killed). This practise is called BYB (backyard breeding). Shelters all across Canada and the USA are filled to capacity and animals are euthanized to make room for new animals that come in every day.

Spay/neuter is crucial because there are way too many puppies, dogs, cats and kittens and NOT enough homes for them. Not spaying/neutering your family pet, or deliberately breeding your pet for fun adds EXPONENTIALLY to this already horrible situation. Thousands and thousands of pets are euthanized (put to sleep) each year because they are unwanted. Spay/neuter PREVENTS the accidents which happen all the time. Some members on our forum might not share the point of view in the above paragraphs and that's okay. We just wanted to let you know where the majority of active members stand on this issue and hope you will join us to try to help the global pet overpopulation problem by spaying/neutering your pet.

Spaying/Neutering has other benefits besides unwanted or accidental pregnancy that happens all the time. Marking behaviour (spraying urine indoors and outdoors to 'claim' a territory) roaming behaviour and aggressive behaviours are normally reduced with spaying/neutering. [URL=""]Pyometra[/URL] in females and testicular cancer in males are eliminated or greatly reduced when pets are spayed/neutered.

Despite our best efforts though - mistakes do happen and here is a list of 3 articles that members or guests can refer to, when other members ask for pregnancy signs in dogs or cats.

[B]Signs of dog pregnancy[/B]

[B]Pregnancy signs in cats[/B]

Thanks everyone,


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